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Study English Abroad and take Zumba classes

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz

                May Rosito

[Study English in the Philippines]: Zumba brings heat in Pines

Ditch the gym and join our Zumba Party. Indeed,Zumba session has brought heat in Pines International Academy. Late afternoon in Baguio City is no longer cold because of this craze.Aside from going to the gym, the perfect way for students to stay fit is joining physical activities and events. Most of these activities are  sponsored by the academy. Zumba afternoon session is held in Cooyeesan Gym (mostly on Thursdays). Indeed, this is another fun activity for English learners.


English Learners as participants

Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese students think that this activity makes them fit and young. Gia, a Vietnamese student said: “I think this is also one way of sharpening my English listening skills. One exciting way of studying English in the Philippines is joining the extra-curricular activities with English as a medium- Zumba is a perfect example here .”



The dance steps formulated by Zin Arman (Professional Zumba instructor) make the students and teachers feel the heat that generates the party mood. After a month of joining zumba, most participants generally feel lighter and more positive with their fitness condition.Students also think that the best way to lose weight is joining Zumba. Some have gained confidence in dancing and most students feel they have learned something new in English. After completing 10 sessions, they all feel “hotter” physically and mentally.
Studying English in the Philippines has never been this HOT and promising. Join our Zumba Sessions in Pines Academy soon.


[Study English in the Philippines]:The Invasion of Zumba in CBOA

The Colombians have invaded the shores of the Philippines. Significantly,we have accepted them because they came with an energetic beat and killer dance moves that can help us stay fit and healthy! That’s right; We are talking about this undying fitness trend called ZUMBA.

Zumba as an Option Class

The students and teachers at Cebu Blue Ocean can’t get enough of this popular dance style so much so that it became a permanent option class in the academy.They designed Zumba for beginners and older people. It incorporates hip-hop, samba, and salsa dance styles in the routine. “The steps are easy to follow and the choice of music adds to the hype and energy that I feel whenever I dance”, says Matchi- an avid dancer. She has attended Zumba option class numerous times. on the positive side,she adds she has noticed a significant change in her fitness and energy after each class.

Teachers facilitate zumba for two weeks every afternoon. The two amazing dancers- Teacher Eva and Teacher Robert facilitate zumba classes. On the second week of the class,the dance class is moved to EGI circle where students can move in a wider space and gather an audience as well. Students even danced wearing their Halloween costume last year. It’s truly a trend that’s here to stay.

Zumba Halloween at Cebu Blue Ocean


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