Cooyeesan 醫護室


Studying English is never easy as pressure and stress may occur causing a student to feel ill. One of the priorities of Pines aside from providing quality English learning is the health of the students. It cannot be denied that people can get sick due to the weather or stress. This is why Pines see to it that a nurse is always available, and a clinic is provided to be used by the students to take a rest.

In addition to Nurse Anne, Pines has also allotted other nurses for each department of Pines International Academy.

When you feel sick and unwell, do not hesitate to visit Nurse Anne. She is always available to assist and watch over you as you recuperate. She will also accompany you to the doctor’s clinic or hospital during emergency cases. However, always make sure that you get enough sleep, eat nutritious food, drink a lot of water to avoid getting sick. Remember, health is wealth.


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