Vietnamese Student Tell-All: Why My Heart belongs to Pines International Academy

hanny-1Hi! I’m Hanny, I came from Vietnam and I have been studying in Pines International Academy (PIA) for two months. I learned about PIA through an agency in Vietnam and I can say that it is more fun studying English in the Philippines.

The first time I came to Baguio City it was midnight and it was cold and it had a very fresh climate. I really love the weather, unlike the place where I came from. We only have two seasons there—hot and very hot, but Baguio City is so fresh, clean and it is located in mountainous region surrounded by pine trees  . It is one reason why I am working here and I’ll stay for one year.

The people here are also fun and very friendly, like my teachers. All teachers here are amazing and enthusiastic; I can see their willingness to teach students. Also, when I go out and visit SM or other places, all people here would help me whenever I ask them something especially the taxi drivers. They are so nice and most Filipinos, especially here in Baguio City, can speak in English so I am so surprised.



One more thing that I like here in Baguio City is riding on a jeepney  (jeep for short). This public transportation is very colorful, cheap, and convenient! I love the amazing design and how the decorations are placed. I can tell that the jeepney drivers are passionate on their job. They collect the fare and give back the passenger’s change accurately.  They do this within hours

Two years ago in my country I toured some Filipino friends around. And as they left the country, they said that they will be happy to tour me around if I visit Philippines. I never knew that I will be coming to the Philippines but change comes. When I was already in the Philippines, it was a coincidence because she (one of my friends) was living in Baguio City, the place where I will be working. From then on, they adopted me in their family and I am very happy to be a part of their home. My foster mother’s name is Grace and I have two siblings, my friend’s name who visited Thailand is Nile. Studying here in PIA is not only merely strict and serious learning but learning in a fun and interesting way.

I will certainly recommend PIA to other Vietnamese. Whenever I talk about Baguio City to my friends my eyes would shine so bright because it is a good place to stay for good. My main purpose to come here is to study English and my teachers are very close to me. They have good knowledge to teach English and they have huge patience in teaching me. I am a new student and I ask hundreds of question because I want to learn more and they are really very patient in teaching me. My teachers are also my friends; I say jokes to them as I learn English and they help me improve.

With PIA teacher

For one year of studying here in PIA, my purpose is to improve my English. After that, I will travel around the world and in the future, I hope to be a teacher.

Christmas is near, for those people who have their family with them, I hope that you will enjoy your time with your family. And for those people who don’t have someone with them during Christmas, you can go out and share your blessings to people who also need someone.


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