Travel Around Philippines While Studying English

Want to travel around the Philippines while studying English? We recommend these amazing places that you will certainly enjoy! 🙂


Baguio City is located in the mountainous region of Northern Philippines that is the reason why hiking is a popular choice among foreign students who are residing in the city. The city is also a gateway for backpackers and travelers who would want to hike the beautiful mountains of the country.

Mount Pulag

Mount Pulag is known as the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. Frost is common on the mountain due to the low temperature during the first and last quarter of the year. The temperature at the highest point of the mountain is known to drop into sub-freezing temperatures, making it the coldest place in the country. Upon reaching the peak, be prepared to see the sea of clouds.

Mount Ulap

Mount Ulap is the popular choice for first-time hikers. It takes a 2-hour hike before reaching the majestic peak.

Mount Kalugong

Mount Kalugong is good for beginners. The way to the top is really good and it is also very accessible to all.

Study English in the Philippines in Fun way


You can travel for just an hour to reach the wonderful beaches near Baguio City.

San Juan La Union

San Juan L:a union_Travel Philippines

Bolinao Pangasinan

Bolinao Jump Travel Philippines

San Fernando La Union

Hundred Islands


Vigan CIty

One of the historic places in the Philippines.
English Philippine Travel_Vigan City

Sand Dunes

Bencab Museum

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Sagada Cave

One of the most visited caves in the Philippines because of its wonderful rock formations.
sagada Travel Philippines

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