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Take a Break and Explore El Nido (Study English Philippines-Travel Tips)

Take a Break and Explore El Nido( Study English Philippines-Travel Tips)

Article:Dong Hyo Park and Rona Dale Ortiz ∫ Topic: Travel

Studying in the Philippines is the best decision you’ll ever make. Aside from competent and highly trained English teachers , the country itself has a lot of marvelous places most travelers  recommend. If your agenda is learning and traveling at the same time , it is a big yes to choose Philippines and  visit El Nido Palawan.  Going to distant islands is recommended for long weekends and holidays. Click the list of PH holidays and long weekends in 2018.You still have the chance though to  enjoy the remaining days of 2017 by visiting El Nido, Palawan.

El Nido Travel Guide

El Nido  is a small town, so you can reach a wide range of streets and come across shops that will cater your needs for your travelling.


There are a lot of restaurants around the town. Tourists can find many Philippine restaurants that sell pasta or hamburgers. On a tight budget? Try Aplaya Restaurant on the beach.  This place actually had similar pricing to the places off of the beach. They serve salads, pasta, seafood and sandwiches amounting between 150php (3 USD) and 300p(6 USD).  A bucket of beer ranges from Php 160(3.20USD) to Php 180(3.60 USD).They also have free wi-fi. Seafood is of course the bestseller!  Expect fresh seafood  served in restaurants around the island.There are also French restaurants around the area as some French entrepreneurs started settling in the island  in 2007, so crepes and other French deserts are served in these restaurants.

Photo: charizza chua


Diving and snorkeling

There are plenty of diving shops in El Nido , so you can easily book a diving tour or a snorkeling tour and go to the nearby sea.

Nature Trip

Climb Taraw Cliff and be mesmerized by El Nido view in the Philippines.  The nature trip requires you to wear sunblock for prolonged protection against  UV rays. Another thing, make sure you are wearing proper shoes for the trek. Slippers and  sandals are not recommended . The trek is a little bit tough for first-timers. Bring at least a liter of water. Reaching the peak of Taraw Cliff is rewarding, as the view is majestic!

Photo: Kezza M: A Wonderful Sole

Best time to Visit

The best time to travel to Mt. El Nido depends on your choice. If you want to enjoy good weather, the best months of going there are in February and March. On the other hand, if you are on a budget; airfares are low on the rainiest months (off-peak season): June, July and September.Another good thing about El Nido is its sea temperature is suitable for swimming all year round. Have you weigh your choice yet?

El Nido On a Budget

El Nido is expensive when you book on peak seasons like summer or if you are too lazy to  organize your trip. We are suggesting you to come up with your DIY – travel plan. You have to be very keen when it comes to booking your flight when traveling remote and beautiful places in the Philippines. There are a lot of cheap flights available online. Try Piso Fare (one peso fare) of Cebu Pacific or subscribe to airline promo updates. With proper research and allocation, you can get there without getting ripped of.  And because we are your ultimate travel EFL buddy, check the sample itinerary.

Sample itinerary for 3D/2N:

Airfare: on a Cebu Pacific or Air Asia promo=                 P1500 (USD 29.73)
Bus round trip: {280 x 2 ways =                                          P560  (USD 11.10)
Island Hopping Tour:                                                            P500(USD 9.91)
Land Tour: P1000/4 people=                                              P250  ( USD 19.82)
Kayak: P600 full day/2 people=                                         P300  (USD 5.95)
Food: P100 meal x 3 days x 3 meals=                                P900 ( USD 17.84)
Lodging: 2 nights x P500 =                                                 P1000  (USD 19.82 )
Total/Person: P5010 (USD 99.30)


What are you waiting for? Start organizing your trip with friends and classmates. While you are in the Philippines, learn, travel and explore. Take wonderful photos and videos and keep your travel memories.


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