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Top Restaurants for Koreans and Japanese in Cebu and Baguio

Article: May Rosito
                Rona Dale Ortiz

English Learners visit top restaurants

English learners certainly  know how to take a break in Cebu and Baguio City . Primarily, finding a nice restaurant or a cafe is a nice form of spending the weekend break . Hence, we are featuring the top restaurant of Cebu City plus the winning cafe of Baguio City. We hope you could check these restaurants soon. May you enjoy traveling and studying in  no less than the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

Top Cebu Restaurant: Chef’s Bistro

Chef’s Bistro is indeed the top restaurant for Koreans and other nationalities studying in Cebu.One of the most frequently asked questions we get from students is: “What restaurant can you recommend for me?” and we always answer: Chef’s Bistro. Every student, teacher, and staff definitely knows what’s up at Chef’s Bistro. This Korean-owned bistro is easily a favorite of Cebu Blue Ocean Academy. Students and teachers would sometimes run into each other every Friday and Saturday nights as everyone have this restaurant in mind when planning to eat out.


The ambience of Chef’s Bistro is much like a quaint Italian restaurant crossed with simple country-style décor. The staffs are quick and accommodating.The owner is very hands on as well, as he makes sure every costumer is attended to.


The popular dish in their menu would have to be seafood carbonara. All their pasta dishes swim in delicious sauce topped with toasted bread and grilled tomato and eggplant. The serving is good for two people but if you’re feeling quite hungry, you can eat what’s inside that pan all by yourself. Aside from pasta, their pizza and crispy pata is also to die for. The menu is a variety of Italian and Filipino food combined with Western delicacies . You can choose from their various juicy steaks, to different kinds of pastas, chicken wings, right down to their healthy options of salads. They also serve beer, wine, and of course fresh fruit shakes. Prices range from Php 285 to Php 650.

All their pasta dishes swim in delicious sauce topped with toasted bread and grilled tomato and eggplant. Check Chef’s Bistro,the best restaurant in Cebu !
All foods in Chef Bistro are placed in pan. The best restaurant in Cebu presents food the unique way.

How to go there

It’s quite easy getting to Chef’s Bistro from Cebu Blue Ocean Academy. Taking a multicab or tricycle are your best options because it’s just a 5-7 minute ride. Just mention Chef’s Bistro and the driver will know where to drop you off. Make sure to bring your school ID for you to get a 10% discount on your meals. This is just one of the many perks of being part of the Blue Ocean family.

Top Baguio Local Cafe: Café Yagam

Café Yagam  is the top  local cafe of Baguio City.Try our food from the Northern Philippine mountains. Most of our students in Pines International Academy have tried it. They go there on weekends to eat and spend time with their friends.Besides hanging out there, students also visit other Baguio City attractions like  Mines View Park ,Wright Park and the Mansion because Cafe Yagam is near these places. Accordingly,Cafe Yagam is highly recommended for Baguio first-timers.

Menu and Local Bestsellers

Are you ready to check the local bestsellers?Smoky chicken stew with salted cured meat locally known as “Pinikpikan and Etag” is the bestseller here .Broth  is used in small portions to add flavor to soups and dishes.Try Pinikpikan and be prepared to love the creamy texture of the soup (Php200.00). Besides Pinikpikan, you can also try a serving of Pinuneg (Sausage) that costs Php200.00 with brown rice,dip of vinegar mixed with shallots, onions and red chili.As far as dessert, goes inanchila (Php65.00) and kiniwar (Php40.00) are the best sellers – these are rice cakes with coconut milk. Finally,you may also enjoy the aromatic and organic brewed coffee in the house (Php 65.00).


Cafe Yagam’s Bestseller: Smoky chicken stew with salted cured meat locally known as “pinikpikan and etag”.



Best Baguio Cafe: Cafe Yagam
Pinuneg (Sausage) costs Php200.00 with brown rice,dip of vinegar mixed with shallots, onions and red chili.



Best Baguio Cafe: Cafe Yagam
The bestselling dessert of Cafe Yagam is Inanchila (Php65.00) .

Reasons for visiting Cafe Yagam

There are  a lot of reasons why most Pines students visit Cafe Yagam. First, Cafe Yagam’s food is delicious, besides that, the ingredients they used are fresh and organic. Second, there’s a possibility of meeting new interesting people. Local bands, artists and independent writers gather there.Third, the warm atmosphere there binds everyone.It is like visiting a Cordilleran home. Finally, the place is Instagram friendly. You will certainly want to come back in this winning cafe.

PS: Cafe Yagam makes it to top 9 Google Success Stories Search 2017, vote and continue supporting this Baguio Cafe.














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