• Since 1964 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) has been used as a standard in evaluating non-native students who are interested in pursuing graduate and post-graduate studies in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain.
  • TOEFL Score is needed not only for graduate studies purposes but also as part of the requirements in hiring foreign employees.
  • TOEFL Module of PIA


   Regular Class (8 hrs)       4on1 class (4
 1on1 class (4 hrs)
    Elective Class (3 hrs)   Morning Class (1 hr)
    Evening Class (2 hrs)

Key Features 

  • PIA started preparing and researching about TOEFL courses since 2008 and eventually opened its own TOEFL program.
  • The program aims to prepare students for their plans to enroll in graduate schools abroad, particularly in making themselves become acquainted with academic and professional English.
  • In the event that a student-applicant fails to pass a required cut-off score in any of the modules, he/she is advised to continue with the various EFL courses.
  • If only 1 student qualifies in a given Test Module class, he/she is provided with 6 hours of 1on1 class only. If there are only 2 students in a group, 4 hours of 1on1 and 3 hours of 2on1 class are given.
  • It is highly recommended for students to take Power EFL course for at least 8 to 12 weeks before taking TOEFL module.

Sample Schedule of TOEFL Module The table below illustrates the typical schedule of a student enrolled in TOEFL Module Class.  

  TOEFL A(beginners’ course) Power ESL course 8weeks + TOEFL 8weeks TOEFL BTarget: Above 45 TOEFL CTarget: Above 70
07:30 – 8:10 Morning listening option class
08:20 – 17:10 · Regular class subjects for 8 hours a day during weekdays· 4 hours of 1on1 class · 4 hours of 4on1 class (Each class is composed of 50 minutes)
18:30 – 19:30 Dinner
Required Self-Study20:00 – 21:00 All students in the Advanced Course Campus are required to attend ‘Required Self-Study’.
KPS Program19:30 – 23:00 · Please refer to KPS program.· It is an optional night program.

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