Planning for Thanksgiving holiday while studying in the Philippines

Article: May Rosito

Widely Celebrated Holidays

Chuseok is one of the largest and most widely celebrated holidays in South Korea. It is now in motion as most of our Korean friends are busy preparing for this big celebration. It’s a time for happiness as family members are reunited, and the bond is strengthened through feasts and catching up. Chuseok is also known as  a thanksgiving holiday.

But what about our Korean friends who opt to spend Chuseok outside of Korea? Whilst their family members and other relatives prep for weeks, hours, and days for this big holiday we wonder what kinds of plans do our Korean friends have in store for the Chuseok holiday?

Well, it seems like they haven’t really thought about celebrating Chuseok extravagantly but instead opt to just chill, meet friends, catch up on some studying, sleep a lot, and even just continue working. Our Korean friends in Korea may be busy all day meeting relatives, cooking, and eating but life in Cebu Blue Ocean still goes on. Of course we didn’t forget to greet each Korean student a happy Chuseok!

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