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Studying TOEFL at Pines | Pines-д TOEFL сурах нь

Accomplishing my mission

I took the TOEFL class for 2 months. After the course, I was able get 91 score on TOEFL Official Test. I accomplished what I was pursuing for many days which is studying the U.S.

Hi guys! My name is Gantigmaa(Mary). I was one of the Mongolian students who studied in Pines International Academy:The Best English School in The Philippines February, 2017.

Now I am a freshman in The U.S. Whoo Whoo! I could not fulfill my aim without studying in Pines International Academy. Thus,I am very thankful to my classmates, teachers, and my great agent Bold.

Experience in the Philippines

In The Philippines, I was impressed with many things. Such as, everyone can speak in English fluently and they are always willing to help for foreigners.

In my opinion, The Philippines has the most suitable environment to study, because the living expense is way cheaper than other countries. And also, Bold brother always organize great trips to the most famous islands. It means you can study and travel in reasonable cost.

Pines Impression

Pines International Academy offers 4 hours group classes and 4 hour man to man classes. I think both group and man to man classes are very efficient. In group class, you will be familiar with other countries students’ culture and tradition, meanwhile you will make friends with your classmates. As for man to man classes, you will have a never-ending conversion with your teacher and it helps you to boost your knowledge of English. So many of my relatives studied in Pines International Academy and everyone has great impressions about his and her courses. Thus, I will suggest the people who are struggling with English, because it will completely change your level of English. Thanks for reading my comment.

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