Relive the Fun: International Friendship Night Highlights

Relive the Fun: International Friendship Night Highlights

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz  / Photos: Alberto Mari Reyes  / Topic: International Friendship Night 

 Studying abroad

Studying abroad means trying out something new, working hard to achieve one’s language goal and making new friends from all over the world. Pines International Academy regularly holds International Friendship Night to let old and new students mingle and interact through fun games and activities. The event also paves the way for welcoming newer batch of students. For old and returning students, the event is a night to relax and be reunited with teachers and friends from other departments.

The theme of the recently held International Friendship Night was “Fun Here, There and Everywhere”. It is truly more fun to experience something for the first time in the Philippines. For some students, it is their first time to play games like Limbo Rock, Chinese Garter, Sipa and Flip the Can. The overwhelming students’ participation gave life to the gathering. Students cheerfully joined the 15-minute simultaneous games. The aim of the activity is to help the students get acquainted with each other while playing as a team.

Friendship night won’t be complete without the performances from students and teachers. Japanese students collaborated to perform a wonderful song number accompanied by violin and keyboard. Jacob from Mongolia poured his heart out while singing as this was his last performance in the academy. Soo Young from Korea touched the  audience with his ballad song performance. While some people went sentimental because of the song numbers, other members of the audience had a blast joining the Zumba session of Zin Arman. 

It was wonderful seeing how everyone was interacting in the event. Students were able to make new friends. Different batches were seen sitting together, new students were dancing and getting the hang of Zumba steps. It was deeply heartwarming to see everyone enjoying.

International Friendship Night is something that every aspiring Pines student needs to look forward to. Pines International Academy challenges you to study and interact with people around the world. Check the friendship night video and have fun reliving these moments.

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