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Study English in the Philippines│Baguio City Flower Festival Guide

Study English in the Philippines│Baguio City Flower Festival Guide

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz /Header Photo Design: Alain Panergo  / Topic: Baguio Flower Festival 
Photo: Pinoy Adventurer

Flower Festival

Studying English in Baguio in February is the best time for English learners to get involved in the community.February is known as the Flower Festival month or Panagbenga . Panagbenga means season of blooming. As the flowers bloom, the city also welcomes guests and tourists.

First -timers

We asked some of the first-time attendees about their expectations and since they are also English language learners,we gave them another challenge. We have asked them to share the English expression they will readily use during the festival.


Expectation:I want to meet new friends; I heard there are a lot of foreigners during the festival.

English Expression:What a beautiful (float, flower, scenery…etc.)

-화정Harry (Korean)

Expectation:Take photos of different kinds of flowers.

English Expression:How can I go to (place)


Expectation: Watch nice dance moves from parade

English Expression:What is your bestseller?


Expectation: Experience new activities that are related to flowers. (Perhaps there’s a flower arrangement activity or street artwork)

English Expression:How much is it? Where can I buy (something)?

정우Chris (Korean)

Expectation: See a ship (float) made of flowers.

English Expression:Is it delicious?



4-Guide Points to the 2018 Flower Festival

Session in Bloom

Session in  Bloom means  Session Road will be closed for  a week for food, craft and fun stalls.  Session Road will be very busy catering the needs of the tourists. Different kinds of  merchandises will be available on the stretch of the famous central business district.  Check the goods that are sold! You can choose from fashion merchandises to furniture. If you are a book lover, you can also check some books sold on a discounted price. During Session in Bloom, all sorts of needs could be found on Session Road. Isn’t it exciting?   



Major concerts in Baguio are rarely held so Panagbenga Festival will bring local bands and top Filipino singers in the city.If concert is not your thing, then go for  a dance party wherein the top DJs of the country will take hold of the console and play the music for everyone. Night life during the flower festival is livelier than any other weekend nights. 


Panagbenga is the perfect time to go around downtown with family and friends since there are a lot of food stalls. Check food stalls offering different type of cuisines. Choose from burgers,sandwiches,hotdogs, pasta and kebab- you may also check some local cuisines like rices cakes, coconut pastries and other sweet goods.

Floral Parade 

For first-time attendees, floral parade is a  must-watch. Get to see flower floats from big companies and local government. Top Filipino celebrities usually ride on the floats. Make sure to go to session road early to get a nice spot for taking photos. Stay hydrated during the parade and bring water with you! Enjoy the Panagbenga Festival  with your friends and family. 

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