Study English in the Philippines| Check the NEW main Campus of Pines

Study English in the Philippines

Check the NEW main Campus of Pines

Article: Janel Apola | Photos: Alberto Mari Reyes| Topic: Study English in Baguio (Pines New Campus)


Pines International Academy provides an innovative way to study English. Studying English is now blended with healing. What does “healing” mean? It simply means to relax and recover from stress.

It is understandable that learning a language and targeting a huge score improvement are goals that can make or break you. There are moments when studying is stressful; hence, Pines made sure you could easily recover from academic stress and challenges through the amenities and the views around the campus. As a matter of fact, the new campus is now closer to nature letting you – PIA students -breathe fresh air after spending hours of intensive learning.


The new main campus (Green Campus) is strategically located in one of the best parts of Baguio City; just off the green hillside next to Camp John Hay. The building is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and it takes 10/15-minute taxi/jeepney ride to make it downtown.


We provide modern and cozy accommodation.

study english in philippines Pines' bedroom

Accommodation Inclusion: Centralized WIFI, huge dehumidifier,Canadian wood bed, curtain, personal desk with chair, Built-in LED lamp and convenient storage.


Learning Area



Organized Front Desk


Functional Seminar Room

 The new Pines Campus is likewise proud to showcase its 1:1 and 4:1 classrooms. The rooms are spacious and well ventilated.

study english in philippines Pines' classroom


Modern English Learning Lifestyle

Pines’ campus is accessible to chains of cafes and restaurants. Pines guarantees to nurture your mental and physical condition as you study English.

Come to PIA to study English!

Pines has its own competent curriculum team that thoroughly researches the content of the books to produce results and make its students excellent English speakers and successful standardized test-takers. We have been catering English courses for 16 years with trained and certified teachers. As we turn 17 in the industry, we will move to the campus that will produce successful English learners.

Are you ready to move in with us in the NEW Pines Main Campus? Enroll now and experience studying English blended with healing.

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