Study English in the Philippines: Kensuke’s Life in PIA

Study English in the Philippines: Kensuke’s Life in PIA

Article: Janel Apola| Photo: J. A. and Alberto Reyes


Kensuke Hashimoto under the spotlight

Find out why most English language learners choose to study English at Pines International Academy! Get to know Kensuke Hashimoto- the first Mr. Congeniality of the recently held Pines’ International Friendship Night .Prior to winning, Kensuke or  Ken started his year right by studying English in January 2018 at Pines International Academy (PIA), the  best EFL School in the Philippines. English Language learning was his priority, but he did not expect that this process would also give him unique and interesting experiences like joining Pines’ Mr. Congeniality.

Ken’s life in PIA

Ken came to PIA with basic command on the English language. The students who come to the Philippines to study English are actually bright, but the only problem is the language barrier. They have difficulty in expressing themselves in English. For Ken, PIA has greatly helped him improve his English skills. His teachers always encourage him to use the English language whenever he talks to someone.

Study english in the Philippines Kensuke's Life in PIA

“I enjoy PIA life because studying English here is really interesting. Everybody in the campus is cheerful most especially the teachers. They are also kind and they deliver fun classes through unique activities.  I took listening, reading, speaking and writing classes . The textbooks are very useful.”

As for his favorite class and what he really likes in PIA:

“My favorite class is speaking(Let’s Chat). I like it because it is exciting and I love talking. The 1:1 system of PIA is also fantastic for me. I can say anything, and I can ask my teacher if I have any question.”

Joining Mr. Congeniality in PIA

Study english in the Philippines Kensuke's Life in PIA
Mr. and Ms. Congeniality (Kensuke Hashimoto and Shino Konko) with other students and teachers

Once a month, PIA celebrates the International Friendship Night. The last IFN hosted a pageant where Ken was hailed as the winner. How did he feel about the IFN?

“I really enjoyed the IFN because the teachers were really funny and they showed their talents. For example, the teachers and the students danced and sang songs. I was even surprised with the Ms. Congeniality winner, Shino, because she showed great confidence.”

Study english in the Philippines Kensuke's PIA life

Study english in the Philippines Kensuke's Life in PIA

But that’s not all because Mr. Congeniality showed his own talent which is break dancing. Yeah. You’re not the only one surprised. 😀

Study english in the Philippines Kensuke's Life in PIA
Kensuke’s talent

Study english in the Philippines Kensuke's Life in PIA

Recommending PIA

Would Ken recommend PIA when he goes back to Japan?

“I would recommend PIA to other people. PIA teachers are very good and very kind. PIA life is also comfortable because there is Puregold. (haha) And PIA indeed helped me improve my English skills. I always use English not only inside the classroom but also outside because it helps me learn English faster.”

Studying English for the future

Asked why he came to Baguio City to study English, this was his answer:

“I want to study English because in the future, I want to sell clothes. After studying English here, I will go back to Japan and stay there for a month. I have plans of going abroad,but I don’t know  where to go next. In the future, I will buy clothes from other countries then sell them in Japan. This is my dream, so English is important to me because going abroad means talking to people who don’t speak the Japanese language.”

Study english in the Philippines Kensuke's Life in PIA

Know what he likes in Baguio City? SKYWORLD! Why? Let us see.

“I enjoy my free time especially weekends because Baguio City has a lot of fascinating places like SM and SkyWorld. I really like going to SkyWorld because they sell many vintage clothes and I’m into clothes. (lol)”

Well, it is not a surprise that he would like SkyWorld knowing what his dream is.

Good luck Kensuke.

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