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Study English in the Philippines: Why Naruki Chose Pines Academy

Study English in the Philippines: Why Naruki Chose Pines Academy

Interview : Rona Dale Ortiz |English Translation: Natsuko Miwa (Summer) | Photos: Alberto Mari Reyes| Topic: Study English in the Philippines

Each year, more Japanese Nationals decide to study English in the Philippines where English is one of the official languages. There are a lot of reasons why they study the language. One of the primary reasons is personal growth and career yield. Let’s get to know Naruki who intends to widen his horizon by studying English. Naruki is one of the young Japanese Nationals who wants to make it big in the future. Read more as he will enumerate the reasons why he chose Pines Academy for English Learning.

Why do you want to Study English?

Naruki: I want to study English because I’m planning to apply for an overseas internship program.

How long will you study English in PIA?

Naruki: I will stay here for four months ,from August to December.In order to study English, I have taken a year off from graduate school.

 What English course did you choose ?

Naruki: When I was in Japan, I realized I need to apply what I have learned. I opted to  take the Intensive EFL  course which focuses on speaking.

What was your level when you started  studying in Pines Academy?

Naruki: I classify my language skills on these areas, speaking and listening. At first, it took me a long time to speak out my mind, and I couldn’t understand what people said especially complex sentences.

What do you like about your classes?

Naruki: I have studied with many teachers in PIA, and I like their teaching method. Every teacher sets class goal including checking of grammatical lapses and pronunciation.

Tell us about your Pines Routine ?

Naruki: I wake up at 7:00 AM.For the first 30 minutes, I review my lessons. Eating breakfast is also an essential before  entering my  8:20 AM Class.I need to attend 7 classes everyday. In the evening,I have one hour of self-studying and one hour option/special class.

Do you think you have improved a lot?

Naruki: When I started studying at Pines Academy, I could feel that my English Skill is gradually improving.

Why do you want to recommend PIA to your friend?

Naruki: There are three reasons why I would like to recommend Pines Academy to my friends and to all English learners out there.First, we have a lot of high quality  1:1 classes . I have studied English in Canada before , and I attended group classes.I felt like I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to speak.Upon coming to Pines, I have been given many opportunities to express myself in English.I can apply what I have learned during 1:1 classes. I can feel the gradual improvement of my speaking skill.

Second, PIA has leveling system that includes levels 1-10. Each level has different textbooks and focus. I get the chance to meet other students who are on the same level with me through 4:1 classes. Lastly, I get to meet new friends from Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Vietnam. I have gotten a lot of insights about their culture. In return, I get to share the Japanese Culture to them through engaging it on our English conversation. Talking to foreign students gives depth and at the same time fun while studying. In addition, PIA (Chapis campus) has a strict implementation of English Only language Policy (EOP) .All students must speak in English. In totality, we get to enjoy conversing and using the language with the intention of improving our speaking skills.

Final Message:
PINES is known for its Sparta Learning(We deeply focus on studying). This is good for us because we have more chances of conversing with other students while learning from our errors through our teachers. During break time and weekends, I get the chance to interact with other students through English. I highly recommend you guys to enroll at  Pines Academy where fun and learning goes hand in hand.


Naruki is one of the Japanese Nationals who has desire of succeeding in the future. He made the best choice in his life by studying English in the Philippines.  Just like Naruki, regardless of your age, start widening your horizons and be a fluent English Speaker. Study English in the Philippines and get the language training you “need”. It is facilitated by certified and professional English language teachers. Naruki loves Pines 1:1 classes. Do you have the desire to master your English Speaking skill? This is just one of our course offerings. Check Pines International Academy now!

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