Study English in the Philippines: Achieving My English Goal (Ayed Saeed)

Study English in the Philippines: Achieving My English Goal (Ayed Saeed)

Article: J. Apola| Photo: Ela Naparan|Topic:Campus Life

study english in the philippines English goals in Pines (Ayed Saeed)

 It was almost 2 months ago when I first met Ayed Saeed. He’s a very friendly guy who came to Pines Academy to study English. I wanted to talk to him and ask about his story, but he said (with the help of a friend as a translator) that after 1 month, he will share his story if he can speak in English. A month later, I saw him again and voila, he spoke to me and we were able to talk a bit.

Curious how he did it? Continue reading to know how Ayed improved his English skills.

Ayed Saeed:

“I came here with zero English. Now, I can speak and read in English. I can also listen and understand other people.”

study english in the philippines: Achieving My English Goal in Pines (Ayed Saeed)

How did Ayed come to know about Pines?

Ayed’s brother is staying in Baguio City, and he’s the one who recommended the academy. For Ayed, it’s worth it coming to Pines to study English. In this school, he was able to achieve his goal of  improving his four macro English skills . He came here with zero English. He had difficulty in expressing himself, and he can’t talk that much to other people because of language barrier. But now, he went home with a lot of unforgettable memories.

How did he improve?

“In Pines, we study English all the time. I study with students with different nationalities; I think it is good because it gave me more  chances to practice my English speaking skill.”

Meeting a lot of people with different nationalities enabled Ayed to practice his communication skill. He also said that watching a lot of English movies helped him a lot to develop his listening ability. On weekends, Ayed visits his brother’s house. Even if it is weekend and it’s okay to just relax, Ayed still studied English. He spent his free days studying and playing game or watching English movies.

Ayed likes all of his PINES teachers . They are all great, kind and friendly facilitators. He said that it’s good talking to them because their accent is similar to Americans’.

Did he meet friends in Pines?

“All people in the academy are my friends.”

study English in the Philippines Ayed Saaed in Pines

Ayed said that all of the people in Pines are his friends. Everybody in Pines knows him, and they highly commend his friendliness. He’s always smiling when you see him around the campus. He’s also willing to help in any way he can if you asked him a favor.

Ayed finished his English Study Term in Pines and went back to Saudi Arabia. He studied for almost 3 months, and it’s time for him to chase his bigger dreams after studying hard in Pines Academy.

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