Study English in the Philippines: Eva’s English Tips

Study English in the Philippines: Eva’s English Tips

Article: J. Apola| Photo: Alberto Reyes |Topic: Pines’ Life

Study English in the Philippines for improvement

Meet 依依 or simply known as Eva in Pines Academy. She came to the Philippines to study English and increase her chance of finding a better job. She chose Pines because of her friend’s recommendation particularly about the teachers who are seasoned and expert when it comes to teaching English.

“In my country, we only study writing and listening, so I came here to improve my speaking skill. I was afraid to speak in English before because I think other people can’t understand my pronunciation. Here in Pines, we must speak English (English Only Policy). If we don’t use English, other students can’t understand us because we came from different countries. This helped me improved my communication skills, especially in the speaking part.”

study english in the Philippines Eva's English tips

What it feels like to study English in Pines

The students study English for 8 hours from morning to evening then they have another 2 hours of option class or self- study time. This surprised Eva on her first month. How do you think did she handle it?

“On my first month, I was really surprised. I even thought that it’s difficult to study English in Pines, but as time goes by, I changed my mind. This kind of study system is better because we came here for one purpose: to study English.

study english in the Philippines Eva's English tips

Eva adapted to the study routine in Pines. She said that the teachers are very good. If there’s something she didn’t understand during her self- study time, she asks about it to her teacher on the next day. She sometimes forgets what her teachers taught her, but the teachers are accommodating and they always have lesson recaps.

“My grammar is not good and my teachers always correct it.”

study english in the Philippines Eva's English tips

Studying with fun

Students in Pines give their best in studying English during the weekdays, but they have chance to relax for two days. Eva spent these weekends traveling together with her friends. They visited Hundred Islands, Vigan and Manila. Baguio is also one of her favorite places because of the people, weather and the scenic views. Every morning she gets up and looks outside.

“I like looking at the view outside especially at night because there are many stars. I also love the people in Baguio. It was my first time to go to SM and I was with a friend and we didn’t know the way. A kind man helped us find our way going to SM.”

Study, make friends, and improve

study english in the Philippines Eva's English tips

Eva has one suggestion on how to make friends:

“Just smile and other people will be drawn closer to you. Even if your language is different, I think if you smile, everything is okay. In conversing with people, you can use simple vocabulary to express yourself.”

And as for students to improve, they should not be always with people from their country because being with foreigners means having to speak in English the natural way.

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