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(Study English in Baguio)Oppa Simon Shares his 2018 English Tips

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz           Photos: Alberto Mari Reyes

Studying English in Baguio gave Simon Oppa a new life perspective. He thinks that his future just like everyone else depends on it. There are a lot of challenges while studying the language, so he made his own rules to make his learning experience abroad productive, effective and of course fun. Learn English with Simon Oppa the new way this 2018. Enjoy Reading.

1. How many hours should one study English?

⭐Simon Oppas new tip:Use the language even after class hours. Real English learning happens when one applies what he/she learned after classes.

It is better to learn English in longer hours. When one says learning ,usually it means by the books or studying with teachers.I think that should not be the case. If you want to be a professional and successful English learner you need to use your after class hours to practice speaking. In my case at Pines Academy,I definitely use English when I talk to my friends even if they are Koreans.

2.What's the best way of studying a new language like English?Give 3 tips

⭐Simon Oppas new tip:Brain Soaking,lifestyle incorporation and making a major decision that involves English.

⭐Brain Soaking

Primarily, one of the best ways of learning a new language is "listening a lot" it is also known as "Brain Soaking". According to research, our brain is uncomfortable dealing with new sounds.If you try to listen to English language many times and condition your mind that it is a usual sound it's much easier to use it.

⭐Incorporate English in your Lifestyle

Second, incorporate the language in your lifestyle through the things you use like the language settings of your gadgets such as cellphone,laptop and Ipad. Other suggested ways of lifestyle incorporation include reading English instructions from the products you buy and checking English postings on the bulletin board in school- those are only few ways of lifestyle and language incorporation. When I started studying English in Baguio, (at Pines) these activities became part of my routine.

⭐Plan an activity or life move that involves English (Why not!)

Lastly,plan an activity that will reinforce you to speak English-for example:going abroad or having a job that mainly uses the language.

3.There are days when you just feel bored studying - how do you manage it?
⭐Simon Oppas new tip: find a new way to learn English like watching American dramas or movies and listening to music that have English lyrics. Upon doing one of these activities, I overcome boredom and become more inspired to learn the language.

4. On choosing English Academy abroad

Simon Oppas new tip:Choose an English academy that has a competitive leveling system

Pines curriculum is well-organized. Pines has a leveling system that motivates the students to improve their English skills and studying with same level students also help them improve their skills. There's a little competition when we want to upgrade our level by studying hard to get higher scores. Scores matter when we want to end up getting the level upgrade. 

5.What is the English skill you have learned best at Pines academy

Simon Oppas new tip: This is cliche but lovely: Enjoy the moment using English and live happily while you are on that moment.

I can say that I have improved my speaking skills through Pines Academy. Every English learner shared the same feeling with me.I think we became better in expressing ourselves in English. I used to be the type of student who only wants to learn English and just get the right answer to end up getting a higher score, but it is different now. I think I have made the English language a part of my life. I am more confident in using it on a daily basis ,most especially now; that I am living and still studying English in Baguio.



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