English Expert 7:Get to Know IELTS Teacher Emmanuelle

English Expert 7: Get to Know IELTS Teacher Emmanuelle

Interview: Rona Dale Ortiz ⁄ Photos: Alberto Mari Reyes /Topic: IELTS Teacher

The most important thing about learning is having language instructors/teachers who can make you realize your weak and  strong points as  an IELTS examinee.  Pines IELTS Teachers are well-trained and are ready to help you improve your IELTS band score. Do you want to get guaranteed results for your future?Get to know one of our teachers and check how far she can go in helping you achieve your  IELTS goals.

The first few hours in the morning are said to be the most productive hours and upon spending it with Teacher Emmanuelle, you will absolutely feel that you are at your best. She will fill your initial hours with optimism and keen learning dedicated to IELTS.

Emmanuelle has been working in Pines International Academy for  3 years. She is a well-rounded  EFL teacher because of the length of her exposure to the EFL industry while teaching different kinds of classes. She specializes in teaching IELTS Writing and Speaking. Teacher Emmanuelle’s teaching method makes her students feel the initial improvement on IELTS Writing and Speaking. Her students are more confident when taking the regular simulation test held at the weekend .Teacher Emmanuelle’s optimism is so infectious that students would request for her class after the 20-day term . She knows when to become strict and when to help the students loosen up a bit.


Tell  us something about yourself

Hello. My name is Emmanuelle, Emmy for short. I’m a teacher here at Pines International Academy. To tell you something about myself—

I’m an optimistic kind of person.I’m sincere and honest.  I’d like to spend my time doing my hobbies like reading,  singing , playing the guitar ,and playing lawn tennis. I love spending time with friends over dinner.

*How long have you been teaching (IELTS)?

To begin with, it has been 3 years and 2 months since I have taught English as a foreign language to Asian students. It’s been 4 months and counting since I taught IELTS . I have gained a good amount of experience teaching English as a Second Language for the enhancement of listening, writing,  reading and speaking  skills. Additionally, I have handled TOEIC Speaking classes, and I am currently teaching the IELTS course for the speaking and writing modules.

What makes Pines Academy Teachers Stand Out?

What makes PIA teachers stand out is definitely the strict kind of training that they have undergone to polish and deepen their knowledge of the English language in order to become competent and be able to teach this to non-native English Speakers. To be honest, I think fate brought me here after my first teaching job. As time passed by, I eventually loved to teach the language passionately.

What can you assure your students?

I can absolutely assure my students that studying English at Pines Academy will open new doors for the them to fluently and coherently communicate English in overseas, for job interviews and English-module tests like TOEFL,TOEIC  and IELTS-  most especially to acquire the  tool to become globally competent in today’s time. Once again, this is Teacher  Emmanuelle from Pines International Academy Advanced Course Department.

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