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Students Joined the Second Triple C Vocabulary Quiz Bee

Students Joined the Second Triple C Vocabulary Quiz Bee

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz                           Photos :Alberto Mari Reyes



The second Triple was held on November 2

Students of different nationalities competed in the event

Pines International Academy held its second vocabulary contest called Triple C at Cooyeesan Campus. Students hailing from countries like Japan, Korea and China competed  with the spirit of academic excellence and thriving English speaking culture. The contest has an aim of enhancing student’s vocabulary knowledge to improve their speaking and writing skills as they go on to the higher level of their English courses. This is a fun way as well of meeting the students’ personal English improvement goals.

Triple C Contest Details


A picture and a hint is provided for students to identify the word

The contest has two parts. The first part is word identification. A picture and a hint is provided and students will need to guess and come up with an answer. 15 words will be identified. The next part is multiple choice. Students need to find the synonym of the given word.Answers were revealed after the quiz. The words that were tackled during the contest are the following:Mailbox, drawer, apes, melt,cheek, bandage, lettuce, fabric,smoggy. As for the synonyms: Afraid- terrified, furious-angry,bad-atrocious, conventional-conservative , immense-big, cold-freezing-, fast-quick. Interesting word combinations right?


Students’ Reaction

Students were elated after the contest and according to some of them, the quiz was quite tough. They also said that the words they have learned are useful and could be used for their next essay project. There are alternative words learned  from the  contest and they can make a better essay with the use of these new words. Indeed, it is clear that they have  met the  English learning objective that highlighted their Pines International Academy experience.


Contest Results



LEE MIN JU and TSUCHIMOTO YUSUKE emerged as winners on the second Triple C contest. The winners received 1-hour deduction of weekend self-study. All the participants got coffee and Choco Mucho freebies. The contest once again made students learn the fun way. This is how Pines do it- learning is innovative and definitely fun.



More Photos and stories

One of the international staffs from Vietnam , Hanny assisted in the event. She distributed the freebies to the participants.


Upon revealing the answers, students have mixed reactions. Some of them were surprised, amused and also clueless at some point. Clearly, they are taking the contest as a learning experience



Korean International Staff Taylor, took the role of the game master. She prepared the challenging words for the students.


The best part of every competition is knowing new people. These 2 students became acquainted because of the contest.


Friends as well became contenders in the the competition.


By winning the Triple C contest, 2 students are able to add an extra hour of fun for the weekend. Why not? Sometimes, rewarding oneself an extra hour of relaxation on the weekend is necessary. Surely, the succeeding week of the winners became productive.

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