Students Enjoy Cosplaying for a day at Cebu Blue Ocean Academy

Students Enjoy Cosplaying for a day at Cebu Blue Ocean Academy

Article and Photos: May Rosito

Aside from studying English, “Cosplaying is life”. Find out why! If you ask anyone they would say the most wonderful time of the year is Christmas but for most people it’s actually Halloween! That’s what most students, teachers, and staff of Cebu Blue Ocean think of this infamous “holiday”. Who says studying and learning English is boring? It is actually THIS fun. Every Halloween is an exciting time at the academy because aside from dressing up as ghouls and witches, exciting prices and loads of fame and attention are given. For this year however, Blue Ocean Academy opted to ditch the scary costumes and tried their hand at Cosplaying instead. The results? Phenomenal.

Since it’s a competition, everyone stepped up their game and delivered outrageous and almost accurate costumes of beloved characters in anime, television, history, and games. Here are a few of the students, teachers, and staff who proved that “cosplaying is life”.

Marketing Manager Masaya Inagaki donned a sharp suit and tie with matching cool sunnies as he portrays one of the many agents at The Men in Black. Together with his trusty “neuralyzer” (memory eraser), and cool poses Agent “M” will surely not be forgotten.

Japanese Managers Satoko and Hana were found that morning despite portraying the beloved and tough to find “Waldo” of the book “Where’s Waldo”. Satoko portrayed the zombie version though.

Philippine front desk staff Miss Chen decided not to chop any heads that day as she transformed into the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland. Her dress may look like it was store-bought but don’t be fooled. Everything she’s wearing was actually DIY. Even her make-up was spot one! She was definitely everyone’s favorite.


Since Cosplay originated from Japan, portraying an anime character was pretty much expected from these few: Kiki from the Ghibli movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” made an appearance as well as Mitsuha from the hit Japanese anime movie “Your Name”. Of course most people know the anime “One Piece” that why Teacher Erika decided to come as her favorite character from that show: Luffy. Teacher Barak looked very believable as the character Kakashi from Naruto and the school’s accountant flew solo without her comrades as Sailor Mars.


Other teachers figured mythical Greek characters and Egyptian gods also deserved to be known so that’s why an Egyptian god, Hermes, and Athena made an appearance for CBOA’s Cosplay Challenge as well.

Everyone had a character to portray. From Harley Quinns to Diablo from the movie Suicide Squad to Princess Merida of the animation Brave to simple children characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and Princess Aurora of Sleeping Beauty—a lot of people showed their best talents in cosplaying.

Some made it easier for themselves by choosing characters with costumes that were a lot less complicated. The school was visited by a male Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, Lilo with her low-budget Stich, Blossom from the Power Puff Girls, and Zorro. Some decided to keep it spooky as one student dressed up as an unfortunate girl punctured with a deck of cards and one of our IT staff turned to a wolf boy. But what was really creepy for me was when Teacher Ruby turned to a creepy looking doll as well the pretty Taiwanese student who turned into a very accurate-looking zombie complete with weird marking etched on her body.


It was tough decision for the judges to make but at the end of the day, they had to make a decision. The three main awards for the Cosplay Challenge were: Cutest Cosplayer which went to Japanese students Kasumi and Ayano for dressing up as the infamous Mario and Luigi Brothers. They received a cash price of 1,000php.

Another important award is the Most Resourceful Cosplayer. This award reflects how much effort was put into making the costume from different kinds of materials rather than just buying from a store. That award was snatched by Teacher Romeo as he waltzed in to grab his cash price of 1,000 php dressed as an Egyptian god.


Just as expected, the Queen of Hearts stole everyone’s hearts (including top judge Vice President Cavin Jeon) as she was crowned the first CBOA Cosplayer of the Year. Not only will she be remembered as the Queen of Hearts but she got to go home with a whopping 2,500php cash price.

I guess next year will be as crazy as this year as Cebu Blue Ocean Academy gets ready for its next Halloween Special.

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