Senior Premium EFL


This program is intended for students of all ages with varied purposes. In particular, this program fits 40 years old and above students who need a planner to create a personalized study plan and who need to go out after class on weekdays to attend to personal matters outside the academy.

Regular Class (7hrs)  1on1 class (7 hrs)
Elective Class (3 hrs)- not mandatory     Morning Class (1 hr)
  Evening Class (2 hrs including self-study)



  • 3 hours elective classes are not mandatory.
  • Student’s learning style and needs are of priority.
  • A student can use his/her own book as long as he/she provides a copy.
  • Highly recommended for students in their 40s who have other matters to handle outside and students whose purpose is different from regular college students.

(Note: Requests which require first-hand experience such as graduate and postgraduate thesis may not be granted.)

  • A certificate is awarded based on course length.
  • Going out after regular classes on weekdays is allowed. (No absence on the day the student goes out as long as he/she comes back by 9 PM.)

(Note: PIA’s general policy still applies to senior premium students.)


Class Textbook Focus Remark
1st class Reading Success 1 Pronunciation This is a sample class structure. Class structures vary depending on student’s English skill, needs, learning preferences. Class subjects can change upon request.
2nd class Travel English Expressions on traveling & immigration
3rd class Business English Job interview, Resume, Etc.
4th class Survival English Basic Conversation
5th class Conversational Bytes Useful Vocabularies
6th class Developing Tactics for Listening Listening
7th Class Essay Writing Writing