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PLUGGED: It’s Time to Have Fun and Use Your Brain

Article: Marianne Rabang | Photos: Mars & Plugged Facebook Page | Topic: Plugged Cafe

PLUGGED CAFE: For Cool Geeks and Gamers

PLUGGED board game and video game lounge | Study English in the Philippines at Pines International Academy } PLUGGED CAFE
Choose your favorites or try games for the first time

Closet geeks and game enthusiasts rejoice! We have another arena in Baguio City. Looking for a challenging and mind-boggling way to spend your time? We have just what you’re looking for: PLUGGED Board Game Cafe and Gaming Lounge.

Food and Drinks

PLUGGED board game and video game lounge - food and drink
These look so yummy! (Photos from Plugged Facebook page)

What’s a cafe without the scrumptious sandwiches, burgers, pasta, buffalo wings, nachos, and more? Of course let’s not forget about the equally satisfying beverages such as frappes, shakes, fruit juices, and bottles of beer. These will get you pumped up and get your gears running throughout your whole play session.

Our suggestion? Order various kinds of appetizers for sharing with the whole group. This way, you get to sample the different flavors from their menu. Nobody can possibly get their game face on with an empty stomach, right? Oh, and don’t forget to bring your friends and rivals because you get four free games if your group spend amounts to 800PHP or more!

Board Games

PLUGGED board game and video game lounge board and cards
They have games of all types – casual games, creativity games, 

Some say that board games are for bored people. Well, although that may be true, we can also say that board games are for people who like to test their brains (and the brains of their friends).

They have all-time favorites (chess, Jenga, and Monopoly included), as well as innovative deduction games that will wreck your mind. This time, we tried One Night Revolution and it was an all-out blaming and self-preservation game. If you enjoy catch-the-criminal games, then this one’s worth a shot. They also have a game called Concept. Basically, it’s a visual spin-off of charades using images. It’s time to let your creativity loose.

What’s more, all games are in English, so it’s a good way for English learners to put their skills to the test.

Video Games
PLUGGED board game and video game lounge - video game

Now that we’ve seen the board and card games, let’s talk about their digital collection.

Many video games require tactics and reading the enemy’s movement patterns. Players really can’t solely rely on button mashing all the time. Grab those controllers and give yourself the opportunity to let out some pent up stress with games like Mortal Combat X and Tekken 7. You can also bring out your inner electronic athlete and have a good time playing NBA2K18 and FIFA 17.

They also hold events for video game tournaments so it’s good to be updated with their schedules.

PLUGGED board game and video game lounge - ambience

There you have it everyone. Another jousting ground has opened and it’s time to check everything Plugged has to offer. When you want to have some some time out with your family members and friends, you know where to go next. You can visit Plugged cafe at no. 16 Legarda Road, Baguio City beside 18BC.

Want another place like Plugged? Check out Raduno Cafe and Resto. They also have a massive collection of fun and games!


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