Pines Public Speaking Students Coached by Toastmasters Area Director

Pines Public Speaking Students Coached by Toastmasters Area Director

Article : Rona Dale Ortiz |Photos: Alberto Mari Reyes| Topic:Public Speaking

The Passion in Action Toastmasters Club Meeting and Speech Session was brought to the next level by Pines International Academy students as they rendered their table topics speeches in front of the Toastmasters International Area Director 62,Maria Agnes Garcia also known as Toastmaster Beng.The activity was also attended by other members and officers of the PIA Toastmasters Club, namely:Dr.Czarina Abenoja , Charter Club president and also the Manager for External Affairs of Pines International Academy,Jordan Esteban, President, Norielle Tanan, VP Educ, Pamela Mandi, Secretary/Treasurer and Jack Lee the Charter Club’s Sergeant at Arms.Teachers handling intermediate level students witnessed their students’ speech delivery.The session started as soon as the new attendees introduced themselves.Participants have the aim of  improving  their speech quality in terms of content and delivery.

Some of the regular attendees from Taiwan have firm confidence when it comes to audience interaction.They even made use of remarkable gestures that have influenced the audience. Gestures can lead to a more productive audience engagement.This is one of the points stressed by Toastmaster Beng.

The first-timers listened to the  mechanics of the  table topic timed-speech. They eagerly listened to Manager Jack’s introduction and orientation of the activity.Every Thursday, around 3 new students engage themselves to public speaking training. The frequency of their exposure makes their  speaking presence stronger and when it comes to content it is expected that coherence are aligned.

The attendance of the Area 62 Director,Toastmaster  Beng is  significant. She is an expert public speaker with her years of experience as a leader and member of the Toastmasters International. Toastmasters International is an organization with 352,000 members worldwide. It has the aim to help its members develop effective communication and leadership skills. The opportunity to meet and to be observed by its members is a golden moment for those who need specific public speaking coaching. This is a grand experience that Pines International Academy  gives to students who voluntarily join the Club Meeting and Speech Session.


First-time attendees aim to share their personal insights about the designated theme/topic of the day. They also want to develop firm public speaking confidence similarly developed by the regular attendees.

Teachers are psyched upon participating in the activity. This week’s table speech topic is about weather.

One of the first-time attendees, Ji Seun talked about rainbow.In his speech, he mentioned that rainbow reminds him of good moments and the experience of seeing one in the Philippines is a special moment.There’s a rarity of its presence in South Korea. The Filipino audiences  were touched upon hearing this line. Ji Seun made a great impression on his first speech as he swayed everyone with his speech tone and content.

Manager Jack was quite a multitasker. He organized the event  and played the roles of  table topic presenter,timer and host.  His passion for public speaking is undeniably high.

Regular attendees interact with everyone so well that they also ask questions to first-timers at the end of their speeches.

Toastmaster Beng likens the speech of the participants to the northern lights . She thinks that the students have different speech directions and  outstanding content. Just like the northern lights , each speech is unique and special.  She also reminded the students to work on the organization of thoughts and creative use of word play in their speeches. Some students have already mastered this, but some also need to expand their gesture and move purposefully towards audience

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