Cooyeesan Hotel Accommodation

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Cooyeesan Hotel Accommodation

Studying English may be very tiring for others so students deserve a cozy place to relax. One good thing about PIA is the comfortable bedroom especially designed for every student. There are three types of rooms that the students can choose from, such as the triple bed, the twin room or the single room if you want to be alone.

The three bed apartment is good for students to practice their English skills. Different nationalities are placed in one bedroom so that they will have more chances of using the English language even in their comfort zone.

Twin room, on the other hand, is for students who want more space, same as the three bedroom accommodation- twin BR also has all the necessary furniture like study table, closet and others. Everything is made cozy so that students can concentrate on studying English

twin cooyeesan

Also included is a clean and spacious toilet for students to use.

Rooms are highly maintained for students to feel comfortable every day. If a student needs some assistance, the crew will immediately answer to his or her queries using the phone. Studying English is the students main purpose so a great place to stay in is a must.

If you have any questions about the facilities, please feel free to ask through our e-mail

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