Things You Should know About Philippine Food

Filipino food is popularly known because of its wonderful and delicious taste, texture, and variety. No, we are not talking about exotic foods but Filipino dishes that are considered a “must try” for travellers and visitors. You will be assured that every place in the Philippines presents amazing dishes that would satisfy your taste buds and appetite. For your information,  Philippines is divided into three main islands known as Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Every island has its own specialty dishes that are simple to prepare yet can make you keep coming back for more.

  1. Adobo- Philippines is known for its famous adobo recipe, it is admired by the late legend Mr. Michael Jackson and also by other Hollywood celebrities. It can be chicken, pork or beef adobo – seasoned with simple ingredients that bring the best out of it.
    Simple Food that brings the best out of your traditional Menu
    Pork Adobo Recip
    Amazing Recipe that you should try
    Chicken Adobo Recipe


  2.  Pinikpikan– One of the famous Baguio City local foods is ‘pinikpikan’ or also known as “killing me softly chicken” that even Filipinos from other regions enjoy eating. It is prepared in such a way that the locals slowly kill the chicken (and pray to their ancestors in rituals). Interesting, isn’t it? These days, however, preparing the ‘pinikpikan’ does not always entail the rituals, especially when serving it for ordinary meals. Breaking the bones used to be part of the ritual but nowadays, it is to make the chicken tastier and more tender.
    What makes it more special is that locals add a not-so-common ingredient known as ‘etag’ to make it really tasty. The recipe with etag is one of a kind. (Know more about Etag here The art of Etag)  Pinikpikan is a recipe that brings Culture and Art together.

    English term is known as KIilling me softly
    Baguio Local Food That everyone loves
  3. Sinigang- This is one of the foreigners’ favorites! It is a soup dish  that makes you crave for more. It can come with seafood or meat recipe – this is a food that never gets old. For years now, sinigang has won the hearts of many people- not only because of its health benefits but also because of the culture that it holds. One more special thing about this dish is the fun and laughter it brings when the person’s face scrunches after taking a sip of the soup. Just imagine cooking and serving this food, or better yet, eating this food. What great fun! Here’s a step-by-step recipe that you would want to try Pork Sinigang Recipe.

    A famous sour dish
    Also Known as Philippine Sour Soup


  4. Pinapaitan – The root word of the food’s  name is “pait” which means “bitter” in English. The food literally has a delicious bitter taste that will make you change your view about the word “pait” or bitter. You can only find this recipe in the Philippines- it uses the goat’s internal organs, a little bit of meat and fats, and a natural oil that you certainly would love to try.Pinapaitan or Bitter in ENglish
  5. Sisig- Wow! so this one’s MY personal favorite, I won’t be too biased but I can eat this all day (I really want to use the first person here) Sisig is a Spicy Sizzling meat menu that  never fails to excite your taste buds and stomach! The seriously great smell brings your appetite jumping to feel the astounding flavors that you will never forget!
    Sizzling Spicy sisig
    Spicy Sizzling Sisig


  6. Pancit- This is the common birthday noodle that most Filipinos serve. It symbolizes long life and good health because of its long noodle strips. Filipinos are fond of pancit and this came from the great grandparents of every native, you will never discover more about Philippines if you never tried this.

    Long Life and good health
    Pancit Canton
    Long Life and good health
    Pancit Bihon

    Hungry? Wait! We’ve got more! 🙂

  7. Beef Tapa- This one is great! Every foreigner who has tried this keeps on saying the words “Very Delicious”. Why? The process of meat marination makes it special, it is not ordinary! It needs time and huge love in cooking. I’m not kidding! Tapa cooking may seem simple but beef tapa has to be prepared carefully in order to make it soft, tender and  juicy.

    Soft, tender and juicy
    Filipino Beef Tapa


  8. Bulalo- Baguio City is located in the mountainous part of the Philippines making it the coldest place in the country. So what? This is where bulalo comes in as it brings warmth to the locals while eating it. It actually needs great amount of time to make the beef tender in order to make a perfect Bulalo! The combination of sweet banana, corn and other ingredients makes it all a total package.
    Bulalo Special!
    Bulalo Special!

    But wait there’s more!

    Who would forget about Filipino Desserts?

  9. –Don’t leave the table without eating dessert as great desserts make your day bright! The following sweets are highly recommended for you!

    1.  Leche Flan -The milky sweet caramel dessert is just a perfect finale for every meal! The combination of sweet milk, egg yolk and butter would literally give you an inside rainbow feeling. It is soft layered with caramelized sugar on top— Don’t miss this out!

    Caramel pudding
    Caramel pudding- Leche Flan!

    2. Maja Blanca–  Filipinos love fiestas and every fiesta serves this coconut pudding. Maja Blanca is not very sweet so this is recommended to all. From ages to ages, Maja Blanca remains to be Filipinos classic dessert.

    Healthy dessert
    Maja Blanca or Coconut Pudding

    3. Ube Halaya- others call it mashed purple sweet potato but the Filipino name for this is Ube Halaya (jam). Yes, it is made from sweet potato but with a twist. Whenever you come to Baguio City (the coldest part of the Philippines) you will always find tourist who are looking for Ube Jam.

    Purple Sweet Potato
    Purple Sweet Potato

    4. Halo-halo – Save The best for last! This is the best Filipino dessert you will never forget, the mixture of different flavors into crushed ice will make you crave for more. All ages enjoy the mixture of flavors- given that Philippines is a warm country, this will give you break!

    The best dessert you'll ever taste
    The best dessert you’ll ever taste

    But you’re probably wondering:

    Can I eat all of these? of course you can! 🙂 Don’t be the last to try Filipino food! Come to the Philippines and enjoy every dish around the country!

    by: Huller Dorothy B. Mondata


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