• Oral Proficiency Interview computer (OPIc) test is a computer-based English test that is recorded and sent to ACTFL as the evaluating server and the scorer of the test.
  • Currently, major corporations in Korea such as SAMSUNG, LG, CITI, HSBC require OPIc scores among candidates.
  • Additionally, OPIc scores are likewise helpful for those who intend to work abroad since in hiring employees, IL or IM is normally the standard score required of the candidates. Opic scores are a necessity for aspiring candidates in the big companies. 
  Regular Class (8 hrs)  1on1 class (4 hrs)
  4on1 class (4 hrs)
   Elective Class (3 hrs)   Morning Class (1 hr)
  Evening Class (2 hrs)


Sample Evaluation Criteria

  • The table below shows a sample of the criteria used in the evaluation of an answer given in an OPIc test.
Global Task and Functions Context/Content Accuracy Test Type
Delivery skill: Spontaneity and consistency Coherence and expressions Language Accuracy Length of each response and sentence structure
  • PIA’s OPIc Module

Key Features

  • PIA’s OPIc module is a product of a series of surveys and simulations.
  • PIA’s EFL and OPIc modules were fused into one powerful module providing English language learners higher chances to obtain the target score and improve their speaking skills faster and more effectively.
  • In the event that a student-applicant fails a required cut-off score, he/she is advised to continue with Power EFL course.
  • Should there be only 1 student qualified for a given Test Module class, he/she is provided with 6 hours of 1 on 1 class only. If there are 2 students, 4 hours of 1 on 1 class and 3 hours of 2on1 class are given.
  • 3 Steps Recommended by PIA’s Academic Team
Preparation OPIc OPIc A OPIc B
For beginners
Power ESL course 8 weeks + OPIc
module 4-8 weeks
Target: Above Intermediate Low Target: Above Intermediate Mid2

Description of OPIc Proficiency Level (same as website)


Students can construct basic sentences using simple words and patterns. They usually commit mistakes in grammar and in usage of vocabulary. Native speakers have difficulty in understanding novice learners, but they can partially understand some words. Students in the Novice level are able to write a simple letter or message.

Intermediate Low

Students are able to speak and write familiar topics and short comments. They normally use present tense though. T is common for them to use the most basic pattern, ‘Subject+ Verb+Objective’.

Intermediate Mid

Test takers are able to write formal but simple essay, and they can also write a summary and a letter as well be  using diverse kinds of sentence patterns. They correctly use all tenses. Moreover, the essay which they write can be understood by most native speakers.

Sample Schedule of OPIc Module

The table below illustrates the typical schedule of a student enrolled in OPIc Module Class.

  The beginners’ course
Power EFL course + OPIc
Above Intermediate Low
Above Intermediate Mid2
07:30 – 08:10 Morning listening option class
08:20 – 17:10

·         Regular class subject for 8 hours a day during weekdays

·         4 hours of 1 on 1 class

·         4 hours of 4 on 1 class

(Each class in composed of 50 minutes)

18:30 – 19:30 Dinner
Required Self-study
All students in Advanced Course Campus are required to attend ‘Required Self-study’
KPS Program
19:30 – 23:00

·         Please refer to KPS program.

·         It is an optional night program.