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Not enough money for studying English abroad? No problem~

Not enough money for studying English abroad? No problem~

Article : Rona Dale Ortiz| Topic: Learn English Online 

Studying English is Essential

Studying English and excelling as a speaker is required nowadays.  Most students opt going abroad to achieve this goal.  Some of the countries that offer great English Education is the Philippines. Learning English in bigger countries like USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom is next on the move.

However, this is not easy to achieve for some people.  There are hindrances like professional life, finances and other personal issues.

Not Enough Money ? Cannot leave your job now? -No Problem!

While you can’t afford studying abroad, you may take online preparation classes that will ensure efficiency of your future plans of studying abroad.  Work during daytime and study at night. Save money and take online preparation classes.Welcome to the year 2017 wherein everything is possible.

Study English online with Pinestalking 11talk!

Check Inexpensive Preparation Classes

Take this opportunity to learn English at the comfort of your home or in your own convenient time.Learning English Online is the newest trend. Online learning is slightly inexpensive. Take this opportunity to prepare for your life abroad. Online English schools like Pinestalking 11talk could help you with this learning goal.


You may take trial class and check out  the state of the art Pines  software tools or if you think skype is already convenient  you can also use skype as your class platform.

Language Program Details

Pinestalking 11talk program caters students’ needs regardless of age and gender. Check the detailed courses and assess what your English needs are. There are some students who took the online class  before coming to the Philippines. Jane, one of the Vietnamese students said : The best decision in my English learning process is taking online classes  first. I think that I have gained an initial confidence to express myself.  And actualizing the experience abroad made everything unforgettable and my learning goal became achievable because I already gained knowledge from my online classes.  Teachers  also ensure effective class memos that include comment and suggestions.

Try Pinestalking11talk courses


What do you need before starting your online classes? Make sure to prepare compatible tools like headset and stable internet line.


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