CYS Campus

Cooyeesan Campus Cafeteria


Everybody’s favorite place is of course the cafeteria. We present the PIA Cafeteria where delicious, nutritious and healthy food can be found. Foods being served in the cafeteria are well cooked, each menu are carefully checked to provide a clean and safe food. Our canteen has a Japanese, Korean and Filipino Chef that will serve you.

PIA Cafeteria food

Food staffs undergone a series of tests to certify that they are clean. Health certificates are required before being employed, you can see that all crews are wearing proper clothes as they serve food to students and teachers. During eating time, students and teachers patiently wait for their turn to get their food (there are 3 types of chefs working in the kitchen- Korean, Japanese and Filipino Chefs)

Food Study English

Study ENglish in the Philippines and enjoy every meal

Students enjoying their food and also their company. 

Food plays a very important role in your life, so always remember to eat properly while you study English!

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