Travel with ease and comfort:Manila Airport to Baguio City

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz

Traveling from Manila Airport(Terminal 3) to Baguio City is easy. Pines International Academy has a pick-up service every Saturday. On the other hand , if the only convenient time for you to travel is Sunday, then this post is highly informative and will give you a hassle-free travel time to Baguio.  Please read and know more about the public transport available going to Baguio City.Are you anxious about traveling and how long it will take to Baguio? What you need to know is which taxi to take and what bus line company to choose.

Take the Airport Taxi

There will be two types of taxis you will see on the airport road. You may see a yellow taxi or a white one.Regardless of the color, you should know where to find the airport taxi. From the arrival area, walk towards the exit going to the  the taxi lane. Chances are, you will fall in line and see from there an airport personnel issuing receipt. Once you see this personnel, you are on the right taxi lane. Taking the airport taxi will ensure your safety going to Victory Liner or Joy Bus Terminal.

Install Uber or Grab Taxi-

If you are not comfortable falling in line , then the best way to escape is installing UBER or Grab taxi application. It would be easy for you to track your fare down and also you will have a transaction record with your driver. You can install Waze so you won’t lose your direction going to the terminal.

Airport taxi
Airport taxi (Photo:Rappler Philippines)


Predicted Fare:
120-150 Php- Airport Taxi

Road to Baguio

The most popular bus line that goes to Baguio City almost every hour is Victory Liner. There are two choices of transport accommodation. Taking the ordinary bus will bring you to Baguio, but with lesser comfort.Why choose Deluxe? With wider space and better control of reclining seats, Victory liner provides more comfortable bus rides to Baguio. The deluxe has fast wifi , wider space  and a toilet. There are no stopovers, and the travel time to Baguio will only take 4 hours and 30 minutes  considering normal traffic situation. Victory Liner Deluxe has an on-board stewardess that will attend to the needs of every passenger.Fare cost is just P 750.00.



Photo:Pinoy Adventurista
Photo: travelingbydefault
Victory Liner

Address:651 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Pasay, Metro Manila

Phone number:(02) 833 5019

Fare:750 Pesos (one-way).


Joybus is the best bus choice when you want to have a hassle-free ride going to the aiport since the bus drops the passengers off at the airport  (terminal 3).

Photo:Joys of Asia

Another thing, you may also book your ticket online. Make sure to provide the correct origin and destination.  Since your way is from Manila/(NAIA) Airport , origin should be Pasay City and destination is Baguio City.  Joybus is smaller in size compared to the deluxe bus of Victory liner bus. However, it also has an on-board stewardess and the fun part is you get to have your free snack and  bottled water.


Photo: Flickdriver

Photo: Byaherong Barat

Address:101 – A Giselle Park Plaza Corner Rotonda, Pasay

Phone Number: (02) 551 0842

Fare:  730 Pesos (One-way)

We hope that this post is helpful and informative. Taking the best transport choice will not just make travel experience stress-free. It will make you a more confident and experienced traveler.

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