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Before and after studying English so hard, everybody’s favorite place is, of course, the cafeteria. We present the PIA cafeteria where delicious, nutritious and healthy foods are served. Each dish on the menu is carefully planned, cooked, and prepared. Also, Japanese, Korean and Filipino chefs are assigned at the cafeteria to cater to all nationalities studying at Pines International Academy.

PIA Cafeteria food

The food handlers underwent a series of interviews and tests to certify that they are knowledgeable in handling food.  Health certificate is one of the most important requirements before being employed to assure that the food handlers are healthy. Once in the kitchen and cafeteria, every staff has to wear proper clothes and hair net or cover when they cook and serve food to students and other staffs of the academy. They are there waiting to serve you with a smile.

Food Study English

Study ENglish in the Philippines and enjoy every meal

Students are assured that they will enjoy their meal as they eat together with their friends and classmates.

Food plays a very important role in your life, so always remember to eat properly when you study English!

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