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Let’s GET smooth hair While Studying English in the Philippines

Let's Get Smooth Hair in the Philippines

Maybe I am having a bad hair day!~


Photo :Quirky byte- Hagrid's Hair is terrible!

Hair is a very important thing when it comes to our physique, it shows a big part of how we care about our physical being. Hair is everyone's crowning glory.Recently, my hair looks like that of  Hagrid's  (Harry Potter ).Since I came here in the Philippines I haven’t been to a hair salon…eventually I went to a salon! Filipina's hair is really smooth n straight even in Baguio city!
I heard that they got Rebonding?Like permanent straight hair.In recent years, the people prefer to have permanent wave in Japan. But I think straight hair is also good.

That’s why I asked a teacher who has smooth straight hair.

Which salon do you always go to?She recommended La Vanessa And Nicole to me.

The salon is located near Abanao Square along the main street. It’s easy to find the salon

The wall in the salon is black and red so its easy to find it when you go inside the main building.

It is quite stinky inside the shop due to the  formulated hair products.There are many salons inside the building offering almost same hair price.  It was really crowded inside since it was Sunday.I didn’t make a reservation, but they just started my hair treatment.I heard they have a coupon,but I didn’t know the information regarding it.

Tips when going to a Local PH Salon

Know the basic  price of your hair treatment !~

When you want to have that straight and smooth hair ,you just need 800pesos to achieve that perfect hair look.
They also recommended paraffin treatment to protect the  hair from damage.Eventually ,I said yes to it. it costs 1100 Pesos.

If you want your hair to be dyed hair it’ll cost 1500 pesos. This time I refused the  offer.

In Japan it'll cost around 6000〜10000 Yen so it's quite cheap.
They recommended Loreal because my hair is damaged but I refused availing it because it costs 2000 Pesos.

The Process

They washed my hair with shampoo
It wasn’t comfortable as Japan

They rinsed my hair with cold water and it was a little bit uncomfortable
I didn't have any idea what they were applying on my hair after rinsing it.

I was looking at a woman who had her hair cut by a handsome guy.I didn’t want him to cut my hair that way.I waited for quite sometime before she rinsed my hair.

My attendant blow-dried my hair; after that , she applied something on my hair

She ironed my hair little by little
that’s why my teacher recommended to me

(I was holding my coat from the beginning to the end… )

My terrible hair became extremely straight as Rika chan(Japanese character)

if I shake my head I can fell that my hair is dancing

not yet done

finally they gave me cloth cover

too late(´゚д゚`)

I got black stain on my clothes
You shouldn’t go there with your favourite clothes
My attendant applied something again and I  waited for 20 more minutes
She said: Since your hair is bright I'll put brown paraffin~

15 more minutes.....

I was worried about it, and they rinsed it with cold water again.

After blow drying my hair 、she said: I'll fix your hair
She said you really need a trim .

I really wanted to refus, but they said  I need to have that trim
So, I accepted and said yes. I shoudn’t have accepted( ;ω; )(゚´Д`゚)゚。
I can’t believe this!Even funnier here is the thought that I can cut my hair much better!!
They cut my hair roughly 5cm(ノД`)・゜・。
I should have refused

You guys should be assertive and say  NO
when they wanted  you to avail something overseas(´;ω;`)

Anyway  here's the much awaited

smooth hair!
Smooth and straight (´▽`) (&not trimed w)
It’s good smell as well
I want to touch my hair whole day

My Verdict on PH Local Salons

There are a lot of salons. Most of students go to the salon which is owned by Koreans.
It’s not really cheap compared to local salons(Haircut and color is aroundで4000~10000)
There is no salon owned by Japanese yet (´・3・`)

Pines students tried haircut , bleach and permanent wave^^ they are all satisfied with the service.
You can try new hair style here in the Philippines since it’s difficult to try in your country
I’ll recommend salon in the Philippines to you guys if you  want hair treatment.

If you come to the Philippines, you  should try to get smooth hair like an angel♪
it took almost 4 hours、you should go there if you have enough time.

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