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Learn English Online and be fluent in English through 20-Minute Online Class

Learn English Online and be fluent in English through 20-Minute Online Class

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Before studying abroad or finally deciding to learn English online, check what suits your lifestyle. With today’s modern world, there are endless possibilities of learning English. Read our post on Preparatory online courses and check why for some, learning English online is effective; it has made them speak fluently in English.

The 20-Minute Online English class is proven to be an efficient and productive way of learning the English Language;this is what 11talk preparatory online classes are known for. The 20-minute language class is formulated to help students focus on their English Language goals. Check the class breakdown and see how our professional teachers conduct online classes.

First 3 Golden Minutes 

Learn English Online with our certified and professional English Teachers


The first 3 golden minutes in class is the part wherein the teacher checks the students’ English need. The class is goal-oriented and the teacher initially checks the student’s grammar, pronunciation and  vocabulary level.


The  next 12 minutes of the class is the lecture period. The teacher will introduce the topic based from the student’s request. It is expected that in the next 12 minutes , the teacher will not just facilitate but help the student construct high quality sentences. Students will also learn useful English Expressions and new words. There will be English drills in class in a form of reading and comprehension check questions. It is so easy to enumerate the class method ; but what matters the most is the quality of our teacher’s class method.

Practice suggestions and Class Memo

The last five minutes will include wrap-up and class feedback. The teacher will discuss class memo content for student’s improvement.For homework and will ask the student to remember the pertinent part of the class. The most important thing is the useful expression practice and grammatical lapse review. These things will be discussed in class on the next day.

Learn English Online during your convenient time

What Makes Pinestalking 11talk Stand out?

Along with our excellent teachers  is the state of the art Pinestalking-11talk software tools.Primarily, students experience real class by using virtual pens and markers .  Also, Students and teachers use chatbox in class for a more effective interaction.Teachers don’t just leave verbal comments ; they also leave  suggestions and  grammar tips on the section.

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