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Korean Interns Have a Blast in Asin River View

Summer is here! Philippines is known to be a hot and humid place, but actually not all parts of the Philippines. A great example of this is Baguio City which is known to be "small America" for Filipinos, so when traveling to the Philippines...Baguio City is highly recommended. Not only that, Baguio is also a very conducive place for learning that's the reason why many foreigners choose to stay and finish their studies in this wonderful City. The cool weather and the Natives are very much like Americans when speaking in English.

So how will you make your summer worthwhile? Here is an amazing way to do it.

A group of Korean students from Chon Buk University came to Baguio City for their Internship, they aim to study English and at the same time discover the rich culture of Baguio City. Weekend is their free time so they make the most out of it. Watch the video below as you witness the happy moments they had together.

Enjoyed the video? You can watch more, just click on the link below:



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