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English Study in the Philippines: Intermediate Students attended Second Public Speaking event

Study English in the Philippines: Intermediate Students exhibited confidence on the second PIA speech session

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz      Photo Set: Alberto Mari Reyes

Intermediate students who are studying English in the Philippines attended the second Passion in Action speech session. A total of 13 intermediate students attended the event with the aim of  sharing their ideas in front of a new set of audiences. The task is more detailed this time as the students need to introduce themselves and elevate the quality of their speech in 1-minute speech delivery after 15-second preparation time. True to its name, Pines International Academy produces successful  and confident EFL learners because of the nature of its  curriculum and extra-curricular activities.


Participants welcome each other with a warm introduction.


Initially, students are overwhelmed to speak in front.


Students use their creativity in public speaking through accessible props to lift the mood of the audience.


Manager Jack Lee officiated the activity. At first, each student is tasked to give a short introduction and an added content about his/her siblings. Students recollected their best times with their siblings and others compared their traits to their siblings. The speaking  drill was filled with excitement. The second part of the session was more challenging and  tricky for their part.


Manager Jack motivates students to freely express themselves in front of everyone.


One of the regular participants , Ding listens wholeheartedly to each speaker. He wants to get insights and speaking techniques from everyone.


Teacher Norielle smiles as she comes up with another compelling speech about lemons

This week’s table topic is about fruits.  Resident speech critic- Teacher Jordan gave  detailed comments for each participant. Aside from the 13 students , one teacher also joined the speech session. Teacher Norielle inspired the students to be more confident and open when it comes to influencing their audience. She stood in front and exhibited her  eloquence and  winning body language.

Teacher Jordan explains the importance of gestures when holding a speech

According to Teacher Jordan, he admires the participant’s imagination , creativity and spontaneity. He also reminded the participants to maximize their gestures. Gestures will increase audience engagement. Furthermore, he also said that this will help their audiences to comprehend and remember their message. Indeed, it is not easy to speak in front, but the 13 participants shared their insights and even shared new expressions to enhance the quality of their speech .


Regular Speaking Participants found new friends in the activity

The best part of the Passion In Action speech session is gaining new friends in the campus and being able to start deeper conversation with other learners who study English.  This is how Thursday works for every thriving Pines International Academy student. Want to join the growing driven and thriving English learners? Contact us soon.

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