Intensive EFL

Intensive EFL


Intensive EFL program, also known as “Spartan Speaking Plus”, offers five 1on1 classes which increases the opportunity for students to speak in English. A by-product of Power EFL, it provides a more flexible and customizable program. This program can satisfy the need of advanced students to learn faster within a short period of time. On the other hand, beginner students are given freedom to focus on the books they need without any pressure from school examinations and requirements. There is no specific duration given and students can review books they have already learned.

Regular Class (7 hrs) 1on1 class (5 hrs)
  4on1 class (2hrs)
Elective Class (3 hrs)  Morning Class (1 hr)
  Evening Class (2 hrs)



  • Highly recommended for beginners, fast learners, short-term students, and students with unique needs
  • Extended opportunity for speaking accuracy and fluency through the additional 1on1 class
  • Provides time for productive self-study (review and mastery of the lesson)
  • Interactive and intensified 1on1 classes
  • A certificate is awarded based on course length