English Expert 8: Lance Shares His Defining Moments as a Teacher

English Expert 8: Lance Shares His Defining Moments as a Teacher

Interview Article: Rona Dale Ortiz /Photos: Alberto Mari Reyes / Topic: IELTS Teacher 

Love and passion for teaching the English language has made Teacher Lance grow professionally in Pines International Academy. With his 6 solid years of service in the academy, he has taught almost all types of English Courses. He teaches General EFL Course and Test Module Courses like IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. In his interview, he states that he is well-equipped as an English instructor due to the kind of training he has undergone as a language instructor. Teacher Lance is a proud member of Pines International Academy; he emphasizes that Pines International Academy is the best English language school in the Philippines.

Learning with the Best

Teacher Lance has gone through modular training which is provided to teachers in order to maintain or improve the quality of classes. Lance has said that this is not just for the school reputation; it is something that Pines International Academy has been providing to all English learners over the years– a high quality English education.

Lance as an IELTS Teacher

Lance has also been teaching IELTS for 3 years. He handles IELTS Listening, Speaking and Writing classes. He says there is a sense of fulfillment when his students tell him they have reached their desired band score with his help. He thinks that the best part of teaching is seeing his students attain success. The expected learning outcomes of his students are met because from day one of learning Lance sets a goal with each of his students. He is a detail-oriented teacher who keeps track of his students’ improvement and provides coaching when it is crucial, and so he thinks it is important to be objective when evaluating.

Pines for Young Professionals

Working at Pines International Academy has been a good experience according to Lance. He feels at home here partly because students make him feel good as there are fun and rewarding moments during the learning process. He adds that Pines Academy is a great place for professionals and students wanting to improve their English language skills. Teacher Lance tells us that he loves to help all English learners achieve their goals. He believes that being an English teacher is a fulfilling job and that it is his way of leaving an impact on young professionals who wish to expand their global horizon.


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