IELTS course 

** Academic Module
It is designed for learners who intend to obtain their respective bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree in another English-speaking country.
** General Training Module
It is designed to test examinees’ English skill who intend to live in countries where English is the language used mainly by its populace, the government, in education and in commerce and trade, such as England, Australia,Canada and New Zealand.

 Regular Class (8 hrs)    1on1 class (4 hrs)
   4on1 class (4 hrs)
 Elective Class (3 hrs)  Morning Class (1 hr)
   Evening Class (2 hrs)

Key Features

  • PIA aims not only for students to hit their target band score but also to improve on their English skills within 3-4 months. Finishing the IELTS Module depends on the learner’s English ability and his/her learning progression in mastering the skills being targeted by the module. Thus, it is advisable for students to take Power EFL course first before enrolling in IELTS course module for optimum learning.
  • If only 1 student qualifies in a given Test Module, he/she is provided with 6 hours 1 on 1 class only. If there are only 2 students in a group, 4 hours 1 on 1 class and 3 hours of 2 on 1 class are given.
  • All test module takers are required to have an interview on the phone before coming to Pines.
  • Beginners are highly recommended to take Pre-IELTS for 4 weeks before taking IELTS module.
  • If a student joins a program after a school term starts, his/her class hour shall be reduced.

Schedule of IELTS Course Module

The table below illustrates the typical schedule of a student enrolled in IELTS Module Class.

  Pre- IELTS
1) Pre-IELTS 4 weeks
2) Power SL 4 weeks+ Pre- IELTS 4 weeks

Target: Score band: 4.0
Target: Score band: 5.0

Requirement None IELTS A: 3.9
IELTS B: 4.0
(Official or mock test result)
Campus Cooyesan Chapis
07:10-07:50 Morning Option - Listening class  
08:00-17:10 Regular Class subjects for 8 hours
Pre-Ielts speaking,Pre-IELTS Writing task 1,2,
Pre-IELTS Reading,
EFL subjects: Listening, Pattern/Writing, Discussion (Group class subjects: same as Power ESL course )
Regular class subject for 8 hours
IELTS Speaking I,IIIELTS writing ,IIIELTS ListeningIELTS Reading
EFL Subject
18:30-19:30 Dinner  
1)      Option Class and Required self-study

1)      Option Class : 20:00- 20:50
2)      Self-study : 21:00- 22:00

1)      Option Class: 19:00- 19:50
2)      Self-study: 20:0-21:00

3)      KPS: Special Class

Please refer to KPS program. (No KPS in Chapis Campus

There is a fee for the program.