Ibrahim Aallouch: A touch of French in Cebu

Ibrahim Aallouch: A touch of French in Cebu

Article and Photo Set: May Rosito

Every once in a while, Cebu Blue Ocean Academy accommodates students hailing from European countries. We’ve had students from Spain, Poland, Basque, and now we have a handsome, young man from France who sat down with us for a short interview. Get to know more about Ibrahim Aallouch in this short interview.

Can you say something about yourself?

My name is Ibrahim. I’m from France, I’m 21 years old. I’m a student in France and I major in Business but I also study Language and I need English for my future that’s why I came here—oh and also for traveling. I actually came here more for travel and vacation but I also want to learn English.

Why did you choose Business as your major?

It’s because I want to become a businessman in the future—to own apartments.

What made you decide to study English in Blue Ocean Academy?

Well, my Japanese friend brought me here but I actually already knew about this school. I checked Language Schools online because I wanted to visit the Philippines.

So you said you’ve checked out our school before, what were your first impressions about Blue Ocean when you got here?

It’s a good school. It’s cool here and there are great teachers. Now that I’m here I agree with all the good reviews I’ve read on the internet because they say it’s a good school..and I like it.

You said you’re also interested in other languages?

Yes. I can speak 5 languages aside from English. I speak Spanish, Italian, of course French, Dutch, and Arabic

So what’s a big difference between learning English and learning those other languages?

It’s not too different but the most difficult for me to learn is Dutch and Arabic especially writing in Arabic.

Aside from studying in Blue Ocean, how else were you able to develop your English skills?

Oh, I went to Los Angeles for 3 months to attend an English school but I only had morning classes. I went there to travel so I needed more free time.

So you’ve visited a lot of countries right? What was one frustration you experienced when visiting an English speaking country?

Well, when I visited America for the first time, I could not understand their English because of the accent. Back home, I also learned English in high school and elementary but it was only the basics. The sentences were already made like “How are you?” or “Where are you from?”.  But because of travelling, I sort of learned the British accent.


What can you say about your classes so far?

I don’t really have a favorite but sometimes I don’t like something for example, reading—I don’t like reading. I don’t like the rules—like American “t” or other American accent rules in pronunciation. I don’t like these rules but I still love to take these classes.

What do you like most about your teachers?

They’re friendly and cool. They’re serious when they need to be serious and they’re friendly when they have to friendly.

How is your traveling experience here in the Philippines so far?

I love it. I love diving and I love the ocean. I plan to go to Boracay and Palawan.

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