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Study English in the Philippines|Fashionistas’ Perfect Place to study English

Fashionistas’ Perfect Place to study English

Article: Janel Ampola | Photos: Huller Dorothy Mondata | Topic: Fashion

Pines International Academy is the number one school when it comes to studying the English language. It is also the perfect place to look carefree yet dashing while studying. Teachers, students and staffs are keen to choosing their outfit of the day or OOTDs. Yes, keen but with sense of freedom in picking their clothes.

Simple but dazzling

Opting for a simple look though you want to appear dazzling and not out of style? Why not? You can always go with a dress shirt paired with light colored casual pants.

Formal and still comfty

To not appear Mr. Formal, opt for no tuck in. Lastly, rock the outfit with a  varsity jacket. 😉 Or you could try matching casual pants with a plain tee  paired with a dark shirt. Either you choose to button up or just leave it  open for a more natural appearance; it is all up to you.

 Street Style Fashion

Not so formal, eh? Go for that street- style. Denim is back in style now. Whether going to your class to study English or going outside to have fun with your friends, this fashion will never be out of style. Pair that denim pants with a striped t-shirt and finish up by using a matching denim jacket.


For chic style in women, no worries because there is a variety of styles you can choose from. You can follow trendy fashions or you can create your own mix and match fashion (I would suggest you go for the latter). 😉 How can you actually do this?

Chic and Innovative

Be innovative. Feel free to experiment and who knows, others will follow you in no time. Just like this style: looking so stunning and at the same time comfy. You can top your faded skinny jeans with a dark- colored blouse. Opt to tuck it in for elegance. Speaking of elegance, to add sassiness to your fashion, go for pair of pumps and oh, don’t forget that a clutch would best suit that style.

Carefree and stylish

Otherwise, you can choose to have a carefree- style. Bring out those oversized jackets you have and pair it with a plain t-shirt. Use fitted jeans and sneakers to complete your fashion and you are good to go; to learn English or to explore Baguio.

A word of advice though when you come to Pines International Academy to study English, always bring with you a couple of jackets. Baguio’s climate sometimes changes from warm to cold. Best of luck as you take your journey in studying English in the City of Pines.

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