(Study English Abroad) Fashion in the Tropics

Survival Fashion

Article & Photo set: May Rosito


Surviving fashionably in the tropics is a challenge one must face when staying in Cebu. They key is to dress comfortably and stylishly. This is particularly hard to achieve when the climate is too hot. The students and teachers at Cebu Blue Ocean Academy however seem to perfect this balance of style and comfort despite the harsh weather outside.

Summer Days crossing over Autumn

It’s summer every day in Cebu even though Christmas has officially started in the Philippines. There’s a slight breeze and crisp in the air but that won’t stop us from wearing cute and flowery summer dresses.

Fashion Diversity

Because we have a diverse student population, styles from different nations mix and match in the hallways and classrooms of Blue Ocean. Some are simple and some are eye-catching enough for a fashion runway.

Keep your cardigans and light sweaters



One can even learn a few fashion tips from another. Sweaters and jackets in tropical Cebu are not thrown away of course. With the air conditioner turned on and the occasional rain showers, a light sweater or jacket wouldn’t hurt.



The school is basically a fashion runway with students and teachers offering their own brand of style that best compliments the hot weather of Cebu.


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