International Students Exploring The Wonders of Baguio City, Philippines

Article: Huller Dorothy Mondata/ Photos: Chris Laberinto

Students of various nationalities prefer to study and learn English in The Philippines specifically in Baguio City. This is because of the high quality of learning alongside the cool weather that only Baguio City can offer.   As part of their English journey, the students can also get the chance to go around, explore the beautiful city and create memories they could keep for a lifetime.

Some students who are here on their own don’t find going around a new place a comfortable and convenient thing to do. Getting lost and not being able to express oneself to ask for directions are just two of the many reasons.  Hence, Pines International Academy has come up with a free CITY TOUR program for newcomers who wish to see the impressively beautiful City of Pines.

For most foreigners in the city, riding the taxi is much favourable so most students don’t experience the thrill of riding the jitney. Thus, for the city tour, the students will have the chance to get acquainted with the common people’s ride – the jitney. There’s a plus since students can meet, greet, and talk to other students during the tour. What a great way to go sight-seeing and to gain new friends! (to read some students experiences in pines, click here ->Student Testimonies

The city tour is good for three hours only starting from 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon.

Here’s a list of City tour information

Here are the 5 major tourist spots for you to look forward to:

  1. Mines View
    Mines View Park Baguio CIty Study EnglishFamous with its panoramic view, Mines View Park will give you an astounding sight of the mountainous and copper mines of Baguio City. There is also an area where you can see traditional clothing that can be rented for picture taking. Students really want to experience the cultural touch of Baguio by wearing the traditional clothing. Photos could also be taken with the cutest horses having dyed hair.
  2. Mansion House / Wright Park
    Mansion House Baguio City
    Horseback riding Baguio CityMansion House is the official summer palace of the Philippine President. Tourists are only allowed to take photos just beyond the towering and gigantic gate but not any closer to the Mansion House. If you want to explore more, there’s a man-made lake across from the Mansion House where you can take splendid pictures and walk around.
  3. Botanical Garden Study ENglish in The Philippines. Baguio City Botanical Gardenbotanical-Garden-Baguio-City-study-EnglishFor students to want to enjoy serenity and beauty, Botanical garden is the place for you. Various kinds of flowers from different countries are planted here for you to appreciate. The garden is wide and the trees are tall, giving you that feeling of tranquillity. Also, some structures in the garden convey friendship with other countries and historical events. For example, the cave found in the garden is said to be from the Japanese Period.
  4. Camp John Hay (Star Bucks)Camp John Hay Baguio CityNext spot is the place used as an American Camp during the war, which eventually became known as a little American City . From street names to villages , the American touch can be proudly observed. The perfect example for this is the name of the place, Camp John Hay. One of the favourites here at Camp John Hay is the old Starbucks where students can feel like they are having coffee in a 1950’s American Guest House.
  5. SM

    The final destination for the City Tour is  SM (Shoemart), considered to be the biggest shopping mall in Baguio City. Anything you need, you can find it here. So after the city tour, students can enjoy the rest of the day with their new found friends. Restaurants are on every floor of the building and if you aren’t tired sight seeing yet, you can go to the veranda and enjoy the view as the wind blows your hair. You can also shop and buy all the stuff you need before going back to the academy.


If you are planning to visit more places around and near Baguio City, you can check some blogs here: Philippine FUN tips

Are you curious on how to join? You may register through the city tour form posted on the campus’ bulletin board. Follow the guidelines and all the information you need is written on the form.

Baguio City Tour Package

Watch the beauty of Baguio City! Watch the Video Below.

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