International Students Exploring The Wonders of Baguio City, Philippines

Article: Huller Dorothy Mondata/ Photos: Chris Laberinto

Students from different countries like Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and many more opt to study English in The Philippines specifically in Baguio City. They aim to improve their English Skills but at the same time hopes to explore the wonders of which city they are going to spend their English journey.

Traveling is fun and difficult at the same time, there are barriers that can be encountered while having the trip specially when you are alone. Pines International Academy came up with a FREE tour for students every first Saturday of the term.

Here’s a list of City tour information

Jeepney will be the mode of transportation throughout the tour. You will be able to meet international students within the tour. What’s more? You can practice your English speaking skills as you communicate to your fellow students and to Baguio City locals. (to read some students experiences in pines, click here ->Student Testimonies

Here are the 5 major tourist attraction that you will be visiting during the prestigious “Pines City Tour”

  1. Mines View
    Mines View Park Baguio CIty Study EnglishFamous with its panoramic view, Mines View Park will give you an astounding sight of the mountainous and copper mines of Baguio City. There is also an area where you can see traditional clothing that can be rented for picture taking. Students really want to experience the cultural touch of Baguio by wearing the traditional clothing. Photos could also be taken with the cutest horses having dyed hair.
  2. Mansion House / Wright Park
    Mansion House Baguio City
    Horseback riding Baguio CityMansion House is the official residence of the Philippine President. Tourists are only allowed to take photos on the towering and gigantic gate. Visitors are not allowed to enter beyond that point. Despite the restriction, there is an alternative site for picture taking, the landscapes and the man-made lake serve as a splendid place for every tourist.
  3. Botanical Garden Study ENglish in The Philippines. Baguio City Botanical Gardenbotanical-Garden-Baguio-City-study-EnglishA peaceful place to appreciate the beauty of flowers and trees from different countries, Botanical Garden has structures that features different nations. There’s also a historical cave that you may want to wonder in.
  4. Camp John Hay (Star Bucks)Camp John Hay Baguio CityBaguio City was an American Camp during the war. Up to this point, the city stands with the Identity as little American City . From street names to villages , the American touch is there. The perfect example for this is Camp John Hay. Students will visit this on the City tour. They will also visit the old Starbucks where they will feel like they are having coffee in a 1950’s American Guest House.
  5. SM

    Wanting to see the best part of Baguio City? SM (Shoemart) is the next place for the city tour. This is the final part of the tour where students can enjoy the rest of the day. Aside from the supermarket, stores and cinema, the veranda serves as the sightseeing place. Restaurants can be found left and right so students can still enjoy their delicious lunch after the half day tour.

City tour starts at exactly 9:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm at SM mall where students decide on which place they wanted to eat or go next. 🙂

If you are planning to visit more places around and near Baguio City, you can check some blogs here: Philippine FUN tips

Are you curious on how to join? You may register through the city tour form posted on the campus’ bulletin board. Follow the guidelines and all information you need is written on the form.

Baguio City Tour Package

Watch the beauty of Baguio City! Watch the Video Below.

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