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English Language Course in the Philippines: Japanese Agencies Checked Enhanced Features of Pines Academy

English Language Course in the Philippines: Japanese Agencies Checked the Enhanced Features of Pines Academy

Article: Janel Apola/  Photos: Fumiya Yoshida & Isaac Bentrez / Topic: Best English School

Significant Tour Around PIA

Tokyo Hospitality Tourism College and Aso College Group respectively visited Pines International Academy (PIA) on February 27 and March 2 . Manager Natsuko Miwa (Summer)briefly discussed PIA history and presented its enhanced features. It was mentioned on the presentation that  within 2 or 3 years the academy improves by branching out and adding new partners  (like Cebu Blue Ocean Academy, University of the Cordilleras & British Council).

She also stressed that Pines provides excellent accommodation and promotes great English learning and lifestyle thru execution of English Only Policy (EOP)  especially in the Advanced Campus. Manager Summer also gave emphasis on Pines’ teachers credibility and teaching quality.After the presentation, the guests had a campus tour to learn more about the school and its facilities.Pines Academy is currently one of the best English schools in the Philippines and a trusted testing center for IELTS.

Yamaguchi University

Timothy Takemoto, a professor in Yamaguchi University- Department of Tourism, visited the  Yamaguchi students who are studying English in Pines International Academy. He pointed out that the students really desire to learn English with PIA.

Photo: Jeanette Sabado

They have chosen PIA because they know that the academy can help them excel in English through its practical English programs. PIA also offers them more exposure to the English language through interactive learning.The students get to communicate with their 1:1 teachers and with other nationalities in their group classes. In addition, the students get to choose a special class where they can speed up their learning progress. Students can maximize their English language practice even after classes due to student diversity.

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