English Expert 4: Listen, Learn and Repeat with Teacher Shenah

Interview : Rona Dale OrtizPhotos: Marianne Rabang and Huller Mondata

Listening class is your stairway to improving your comprehension and speaking confidence. In this journey Teacher Shenah is your sweet angel. Shenah is one of our senior listening teachers and most of her students are beginner EFL students. Let’s get to know her and her listening class hacks.

Why are you passionate in teaching listening class?

Most students are persistent in learning and improving their English listening skills. First month learners are the eager ones. They wanted to make sure they are on the right head start of learning. Helping my students discover the beauty of American English through pronunciation and learning new expressions from the audio files is the highlight of my day.

Is Listening Class tough?

In the beginning of learning a language, it is normal to face tough moments like students cannot hear the same thing as what is supposed to be heard.

We do not have uniformed ears and hearing ability. As a teacher, I have to make sure they are on the right track of listening. I have to go from slow to fast pace of listening drills. I have to enumerate rules and fragments of american sound.

What are your listening class tips?

Don’t get tired listening to your assigned listening file.Listen, repeat, pause, play- and study pronunciation.Doing things in repetition will ensure your listening progress. After listening and practicing pronunciation, use the expressions learned from the audio files.

Repetition, passion and keeping up with class drills is the key to improvement.English Listening class is your foundation to becoming an effective communicator. For students who are looking forward to interacting with foreigners, this class is essential. Let’s do the drill with Teacher Shenah.

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