English Expert EP 2: Why should you listen to Teacher Jose?

Interview: Rona Dale Ortiz

Photos: Marianne Q. Rabang and Huller Dorothy Mondata

Welcome to the second episode of English Expert ~ Meet Teacher Jose and learn techniques in improving your English listening skill . Teacher Jose is one of our day to night teachers. He teaches offline classes in the morning and online classes at night.


What are the challenges of being a teacher? 

Managing a class (whether 1:1 or group)  is a challenge. Students have different issues and needs.


For group classes, students have uneven development.  My students learn collectively by helping each other in class. I am lucky that most of them are willing to help each other and share ideas in class.

How do you teach listening class?


( Listening Class with Hanhwa Juniors)


(Listening Class with Senior Students)

Listening class is not just about playing an audio file and making sure that the students hear the exact words or expressions. We always have a lesson preview . Students have to learn different blending rules.

There’s an explanation why you hear set of words this way or that way. I make sure my students  learn  basic pronunciation and on the latter they notice the transformation of pronunciation when words are combined and read as one. That’s what you call blending. Sometimes, blending is the reason why it’s difficult to understand what a native speaker says.

How do you make your listening classes fun?


It’s hard to maintain  class order and mood for 2 hours.  Since listening class has 2-hour duration, I prepare situational topics (related to the main lesson) that will keep my students’ interest alive. We talk about real life situations, add pop songs or lift interesting clips from movies. For the first hour we have a partial dictation activity (fill in the blanks) and on the second hour we hold the full dictation activity. I plan for my classes ; there are days when I also incorporate games in class so students will get more involved. I don’t want my students to feel that listening class is a drag.

Why do you work till night time?

I teach online at night.  I have students from offline who enrolled for online classes.  I am confident that they were satisfied with the offline program .  My students enroll online to continue their language training. We also offer speaking classes online.

What’s your English tip for all learners?


To all my students, I want you to continue learning English even when you go back to your country. You have alternative ways to improve your skills like reading books, listening to pop songs  and watching movies. When you are in class, ask more questions. Before going to bed, listen to the files I have shared to you. Continuous learning is the key to a successful English learning.

I miss you all… See you soon. 🙂



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