How effective are electives or option classes for students who study English? How long should students study English in a day? Pines believes it is unending, it is not measured by how many hours students study but how often they put into practice the English lessons they learn every day. Students who study English sometimes do not have the means to use the new English words they have learned or apply the expressions they have memorized, and this is a sad fact. This is one of the reasons why Pines decided to provide electives or better known as option classes to guide students as they continue studying and learning English in the morning and at night. Pines students do not simply follow the curriculum deemed suitable for them. Yes, it is compulsory that they have to learn English using the books prepared and allotted for them. However, the students are also given the choice to choose subjects that they would like to study before and after their regular class hours. Check out the different option classes or electives Pines offers to students.


  • Electives designed to make the morning and evening productive and fun.
  • Electives provide opportunities for students of different levels to socialize in English, maximizing their exposure to the English language.
  • All classes except Kipilsung program run for 2 hours. Kipilsung runs for 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • All classes except Kipilsung program are free.
  • There is a target group of students for each elective class.
  • New students can only join mandatory evening class.
  • Old students can choose from the various morning and evening elective classes as their English skill improves.

The table below summarizes the different electives or option classes.






1. TOEIC Listening

2. Listening & Dictation

3. Listening & Speaking


1. Music & Dictation

2. Integrated Listening


1. Mandatory Evening Class (New Students only)

2. Guitar Class

3. Survival English

4. Watch & Learn

5. Business Express

(Working Holiday)

6. Monitored Self Study

7. Korean Group Study

8. Japanese Group Study­­­­

9. International Group Study


1. Pronunciation Class

2. Business Vocabularies

3. Guitar & Pop Songs

4.Monitored Self Study (Required

Self Study)




Key features of the different elective classes appear below.


A. Morning Classes

  1. TOEIC Listening
  • This class focuses on enhancing students’ listening skills in preparation for the TOEIC official test.
  1. Listening & Dictation
  • On top of enhancing the students’ dictation skill, this class also teaches vocabularies and expressions.
  1. Listening & Speaking
  • This class bridges students to higher level of listening and speaking, preparing them for the next level.

B. Evening Classes

  1. Mandatory Evening Class
  • A must for all new students
  • 1 hr for Reading Aloud & 1 hr for Vocabulary Test

Reading Aloud (with a new picture)

Creative oral repetition, practice drills and review are valuable tools to further expose learners to the English language. PIA provides this opportunity to students through its Reading Aloud class. Each student reads aloud a unit he/she has previously studied for about 30 to 40 minutes. While reading, a teacher in-charge roams around and checks the students’ progress.

Vocabulary Test (with a new picture)

A language expert wrote “without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.” PIA recognizes this by testing the word power of its students. Every night Students are given a list of 20 words from their regular classes. A test that requires them to use the words in constructing meaningful sentences is given the night after.

  1. Guitar Class
  • As they learn to play the guitar, students also learn English vocabularies and expressions through songs.
  1. Survival English
  • Students who need basic and practical expressions for everyday conversation are the targets of this class.
  1. Watch & Learn
  • TV series, movies or films are powerful tools that expose students to real and authentic English.
  1. Business Express (Working Holiday)
  • Students who need to learn expressions, resume-writing, how to answer job interview questions and other skills needed to work in Canada or Australia via working holiday visa can benefit in this class.
  1. Monitored Self Study
  • Students who need to study alone are given three hours with the guidance of an experienced teacher who monitors, facilitates, and answers questions that arise.
  1. Korean Group Study
  • A Korean student who has reached the Advanced Course level can become a scholar who handles a study group designed for beginners. Subjects are various, but grammar is commonly taught.
  1. Japanese Group Study
  • A Japanese student who has reached the Advanced Course level can become a scholar who handles a study group designed for beginners. Subjects are various, but grammar is commonly taught.
  1. International Group Study
  • PIA provides study group to students from all nationalities. An experienced staff handles this group of students. Subjects are various, but grammar is commonly taught.

C. Special Evening Program (Kipilsung)


This program is designed for students who want speedy improvement on their English skill. Thus, 3 hours and 30 minutes is provided with a competitive fee. Experienced and well-trained teachers normally handle this program.

Beginner to intermediate level students are given special speaking, listening, grammar and writing classes on top of the monitored self-study while Advanced level students are provided intensive practice and training on a specific skill they want to focus on.

Beginner- Intermediate Students Advanced Students
·         2 hrs of Speaking, Listening, Grammar or Writing Class

·         1 hr & 30 minutes Monitored Self-Study

·         2  hrs listening class or speaking class

·         1 hr & 30 minutes Monitored Self-Study

(Note: KPS schedule is subject to change. The school shall post an advisory as the need arises.)


A. Morning Classes

  1. Music & Dictation
  • An awesome way to start the day is listen to popular English songs. While working on their listening skill, students learn useful words and expressions through the lyrics.
  1. Integrated Listening
  • This is a head start class for students who need more listening dictation and comprehension activities using audio-visual materials.

B. Evening Classes

  1. Pronunciation Class
  • Challenging and interesting drills are provided for students to improve on their pronunciation and American accent.
  1. Business Vocabularies
  • By equipping students with relevant and appropriate business vocabularies and expressions, this class aims to prepare students before entering the business world.
  1. Guitar & Pop Songs
  • Music enthusiasts who want to learn English through music can greatly benefit from this fun and stress-relieving class.
  1. Monitored/ Required Self Study
  • Students who need to study alone are given three hours with the guidance of an experienced teacher who monitors, facilitates, and answers questions that arise.