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LET’S GO OUT: Celebrate Christmas in Baguio with Cool Nights and Bright Lights

Celebrate Christmas in Baguio with Cool Nights and Bright Lights

Article: Marianne Q. Rabang | Photos: Alberto Mari A. Reyes | Topic: Christmas in Baguio

Let’s bid the warm nights farewell. It’s time to welcome December! We’ve roamed around Baguio City and basked in the cool and bright evening atmosphere. Here are some of the places we went to that you and your pals can visit.

Santa’s Village, The Manor

⭐️ COST: 120 pesos entrance fee  🎁 WHAT YOU GET: Romantic vibe, spacious area, golden bokeh background Instagram photos

Let’s get some warmth this season. Santa’s Village is a good place to start.

Let’s start the list with some romance and class. The wide space is good for taking a stroll and just letting time pass by. At first, we were skeptical on paying 120 pesos but upon entering the place, we changed our minds. It was like immersing ourselves in another world. There is also a play and recreation area made for children. The Golden lights in every direction completely changed our mood from tired and hungry to ready for action.

Ah, look at these people. They’re totally into it. Who would have thought they were capable of releasing their inner models?


Galaxy Christmas Village, Baguio Country Club

⭐️ COST: 120 pesos entrance fee  🎁 WHAT YOU GET: Fun experience for families, colorful background Instagram photos


Every year, Baguio Country Club opens a unique theme for its Christmas Village. Lucky for space lovers, the concept this 2017 is all about bringing the people closer to the stars. The myriad of colors reminded us of the Andromeda, Starburst, Messier galaxies mixed together in one spot.

The food stalls, mobiles, and decors are covered in pale pastel hues akin to that of vintage Christmas towns. Oh, and before we forget, your kids will surely adore this place! If you wait for a while, you and your young ones can experiene an ample amount of artificial snow to give you a more realistic Christmas feel.


Session Road

⭐️ COST: Totally FREE  🎁 WHAT YOU GET: Hassle-free viewing, accessible shops, whole illuminated street

If Camp John Hay and Baguio Country Club are too far for your liking, why not do your lights viewing somewhere near. For all the busy people who have no time to go elsewhere, look no further because Session Road is literally just around the corner. Lights cover the buildings and form shapes and words that might amuse you. What’s the best part? You can pass by here anytime you go back to your jeepney station.


Burnham Park

⭐️  COST: Totally FREE  🎁 WHAT YOU GET: Hassle-free viewing, accessible shops, Christmas plus nature in one

Just like the one in Session Road, the Christmas tree in Rose Garden also changes annually. This time, it’s very bright and colorful. Every night, people gather around with their family and peers to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Looking at these bright lights will definitely make the chilly nights a bit warmer. Oh, just a word of advice, always look after your valuables!

There you have it, everyone. These are not all so you can continue your search as you walk around Baguio City. Some restaurants also prepare well for Christmas season, so you better watch out for them, too. Have a merry and meaningful Christmas!

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