Thrill of Commuting:Get the ride of your life in Cebu City

Article: May Rosito / Photos: Cebu Blue Ocean Students

Thrill of Commuting


There’s no better place to experience the thrill of commuting than here in Cebu. Jeepneys are not called jeepneys instead they are named ‘multicabs’. First thing to remember, one pays for a ride and i the distance they travel. The minimum fare is just 7 pesos and for a 30 minute ride from the academy to anywhere else, the fare is just 15 pesos.  Aside from multicabs, there are a number of ways the students of Blue Ocean Academy can use to explore Cebu.

Habal Habal

For any English learner, leaving the comforts of home means leaving behind some of the convenience of transportation one has gotten used to. It also means learning to embrace the adventures of getting from point A to point B. The “habal-habal” is a motorcycled modified to accommodate two to three people. It is widely used in Cebu especially in provincial areas where the some roads are narrow, steep, and a little bit rough. This unique mode of transportation is also useful for weaving in and out of traffic which is why recently a professional on-demand motorcycle booking application named “ANGKAS” was launched. Much like UBER except you get to book the infamous “habal-habal” for a ride.



Tricycles are a popular option for getting around. It’s basically a motorcycle with a sidecar .This is helpful for rainy days or on days when sun is unbearable. As opposed to the multicab, the tricycle is a perfect option for people who want to have a more private experience in commuting. Fares for tricycles often range from 10 to 200 pesos depending on the distance and of course on your bargaining skills. In Cebu, you must always be ready to bargain for a good price. You should not be fooled by some tricycle drivers who try to rip you off.


Essentially,part of a country’s culture is its transportation. If you’re adventurous enough, skip the conveniences of taxis and start exploring the uniqueness of Cebu and of the Philippines.



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