CBOA Celebrates Friendship Night with an Amazing Race Event

Study English: CBOA Celebrates Friendship Night with an Amazing Race Event

Article: May Rosito/ Topic: International Friendship Night


After studying English rigorously, Cebu Blue Ocean Academy celebrates International Friendship Day with an Amazing Race event. The race encouraged students from various nationalities to work together as a team in finishing the seven stations that had different tasks. Much like the TV show, a road block was also included in one of the challenges each team had to do. A road block is an extra station where only specific members of the team can do the challenge.

The seven challenges prepared by CBOA staff include a t-shirt relay wherein every member has to pass on a shirt from one member to another. Another task is called The Hidden Message. In this task, members have to find pieces of papers with words written on them. These words form a specific sentence they have to form. The papers are hidden in different places near EGI Hotel’s lovely beach side. To make it more challenging, extra words are included in the bundle of papers. This challenge can test the ability of the students to form a correct sentence. Perhaps one of the most challenging tasks they had to do was not forming sentences but the counting of seeds! That’s right, team members need to be extra patient and accurate as they count mung beans in a cup.

As each student tries hard to beat each other with every challenge, the teachers assigned to each team also did their best as guides. They are strictly not allowed to lead each challenge but instead should let the students play more. The spirit of camaraderie was alive and well all around the Cebu Blue Ocean campus. You can visibly see students having such a great time running around completing each task. From learning a new dance within minutes to jumping in a jump rope, students and teachers of CBOA made sure that no member is left behind.

Come sundown, the numbers were calculated and the judges have made their final decision. The Pink team was this year’s champion and they were able to win a cash prize of Php 5,000. The White team who finished 3rd in the race went home with a cash prize of Php 2,000 while the Green team who finished 2nd got to get a cash prize of Php 3,000. Other teams did not go home empty handed as consolation prizes were given to each team who were not able to reach the top 3.

All in all, this year’s Amazing Race was not only successful but it was a level up from the last time. The next event will surely be bigger than the last. Just like CBOA, we strive to be better than we were before.

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