Baguio Activities

Enjoy Learning!

Baguio City is one place in the Philippines where everyone can experience one-of-a-kind activities just by going around. It is a city ideal for students, who have spent their long hours studying English the whole week,  to explore. Trying and enjoying the indoor and outdoor activities with friends, students will surely relieve their stress and feel refreshed, ready to continue learning again. The activities can be in Baguio city or in the other towns which are very accessible.

It does not matter if you’re a person who does not enjoy adventures. Baguio city offers indoor activities which do not require physical strength, yet will give the same kind of satisfaction that others feel when they perspire. As for students who find indoor games not so interesting, start planning your weekend cause it’s time to sweat the stress out. Wondering what these activities are? Check the different activities below:

Surfing, Snorkeling, Island hopping


Indoor Activities




Baguio is a mountainous city, but its natural landscapes make the city an interesting place for adventures. You can do various activities indoor or outdoor.


Outdoor Activities

Zip line, Bungee Jumping, Silver Surfer, Canopy Ride

Tennis/ Badminton

Paintball or Shooting Range

Boating, biking, skating