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Weekend Plans :Visit Baguio’s most loved autumn restaurants

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz / Photos: Marianne Rabang / Huller Dorothy Mondata


Autumn-like Atmosphere

With the cold autumn-like atmosphere in Baguio, students sometimes miss home that they are on a constant search for foods cooked by their moms and restaurants that serve their favorite food in their country. We make sure that students won’t miss home while studying at Pines as we are featuring  top Baguio autumn restaurants that can make them feel home in the next few months.

Majic Oven


Majic Oven made it on our top list of cafes this September. It is just few blocks away from Cooyeesan hotel where Pines Academy is currently located. Majic Oven’s menu is made of Italian-American gluten-free food. Expect the healthy version of pizza , pasta and a mixture of greens with terrific dressing. Desserts as well are to die for. For the health conscious , this is the  best cafe choice. You may even ask the chef and owner  about the calorie of each food set. Why not go to Majic Oven and indulge without the guilt.

Highlights info row image114 Les Sarfenelle 2nd Rd Quezon Hill  2600 Baguio City

Highlights info row image0915 386 5859

Samgyupsal House and Cafe

Speaking of home- most of our students don’t miss home as there are a lot of restaurants serving “Samgyupsal” (Korean Barbecue) and other Korean Cuisines in  Baguio city. Samgyupsal House and Cafe made it on our list.  Missing Korea ? Or wanting to experience Korea check the place. Enjoy the sumptuous and bestselling Samgyupsal and other Korean dishes. Spicy dishes can give you warmth on this cold season. The restaurant’s interior gives you the autumn-like atmosphere.

Highlights info row image0917 798 0444


Cafe de Angelo

Cafe de Angelo is the go-to cafe of Chapis Campus students. This season, if our students want to have an instant caffeine fix they just head to the cafe and order for an espresso-based coffee. For those who don’t want to drink coffee, they order smoothies and yes our top comfort food: burgers and sandwiches.

Highlights info row image0917 687 1997

Forest House

We recommend going to forest house most especially if a family member is visiting. Going to this restaurant gives you the cozy home vibes. The center part of the restaurant is a living room where guests can wait; they can also listen to nice and mellow instrumental music. They serve fusion dishes like homemade bagnet with the tomato- spring onion salsa appetizer. Other classic  favorites include pasta , fried chicken and nachos. Those mentioned are certified millennial go-to foods.

Highlights info row image Loakan Rd, Camp John Hay, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
We can still recommend Cafe Yagam as a go-to place for  those who would want to feel home in the Philippines-check our previous post  about Cafe Yagam here.

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